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Quick shout out to what I believe is a very under-used feature by sellers. You are missing out if you do not use the marketing coupons to your previous customers. These sales that are clicked through from the email or their account dashboard are ZERO FEES for me, and I have the gold membership. Not sure if they are zero fees for silver.
I created a coupon 3 different times in the past month for past customers. Bonanza sends them the email and places in their dashboard. The last 2 coupons were $402 in sales total just from those coupons and they ran 5 days each. I currently have another and received an order from a past customer tonight for $40.
Here’s a screenshot of how to get to the coupons if you are interested under booth settings.

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Thanks for the reminder. With each sale, I’d say 99% of the buyers will follow me so between that and between people who visit my booth to browse, the numbers are getting up there.

I’m curious to ask, what is the average kind of deal you offer them to make a purchase when marketing to them?



Editing to add:

How far out to you schedule the sale to expire. I read once that a seller needs to not set it out too far, since there needs to be a certain urgency for the buyer to grab it while the offer and item is still there.

I have to tell you that you have had great success in your number of sales. Congrats on that!! And I know that multiple item purchases do not count toward the total number of Bonanza transactions…so you are really up there more than what meets the eye.

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gravityvideo June 15, 2019

I currently have a 15% off. It really depends on how much inventory I have for the discount and for the length, and if there is anything new I need to order. A lot of the time it is to help me move through inventory.

gravityvideo June 15, 2019

Sorry, should have said that I have gone as high as 30% off. Keep in mind though, kick that 9% fee off the sale, and my current 15% off coupon is only 6% net cost.

EmpressDepot June 18, 2019

I went ahead and did a marketing campaign starting 06/19 for 10% off BUT I have an active coupon for all of my listings at 12%. I made sure to mention that they will receive 10% off plus the percentage off from the active coupon, making it a total of 22% off. I need some summer sales. Wish me luck.


I’ve tried all options on coupons & promos & never got a single sale

answered about 1 month ago

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KarensCollections June 17, 2019

Same here. They generated nothing for me.

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