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I have a costumer that just asked me to change the order se placed but I cant see how to do it. Any advice please ?


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Atomicdiner August 23, 2019

Without knowing what the change is, all I can advise is BE CAREFUL if it is to change the shipping address as you are setting yourself up for an ITEM NOT RECEIVED that was tied to the original PAYMENT address.

ShaneP329 August 26, 2019

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If they want to change the item(s), then it would be better if you refund the purchase (assuming you haven’t shipped it yet) and then ask buyer to re-purchase the item in a second transaction. If you don’t do that, two possible scenarios could happen that wouldn’t be favorable to you:

1) As Atomicdiner stated above, you need to ship to the address that is in the sales record.
2) Assuming buyer wants a different item (item, color change, etc.), buyer could claim that the item was “Not As Described” as in the original purchase and file a claim.

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