Cannot find sales report(s)

I’m using the free version and the only reason I won’t use the paid version(s) is that I can’t find a detailed sales report.
The sales report here – offers very little information, not even quantity.

And the sales report here is not downloadable –

Without a sales report there is no way this will scale, what am I missing ?


asked 2 months ago

8 Answers

Selling Dashboard
Click on
Sort and Filter
put in dates (sold between)

Once you have what you want

Click on Email me these transactions in a CSV file

Also Yearly sales..not downloadable but…export option
there is an
Export cvs option

If that still does not give you what you are looking for..there is the option to download sales through paypal…(which in the beginning used to be the only option here)

answered 2 months ago

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cyberflix_apk April 01, 2020

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That was IT!! the export to CSV was what I was looking for hidden under the sort and filter.

BTW – the person in support told me it couldn’t be done :(

thanks again!

answered about 2 months ago

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ccmom March 31, 2020

your welcome (hopefully the new folks at bonz don’t decide to upgrade and wind up loosing the option)

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answered about 2 months ago

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answered about 2 months ago

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answered about 2 months ago

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answered about 2 months ago

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Know Your Audience. As a sales manager, you probably sit on a mountain of information that grows bigger by the hour

answered about 1 month ago

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You’ve given a very detailed information pal. Here do check out the hub for movies as many as thousands →

answered about 2 months ago

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ccmom April 01, 2020

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