Can't I offer more than one shipping service?

I’d like to give a buyer a choice, but I can only add ONE shipping service, not all three, ie., USPS and FedEx and UPS. How do I give a potential customer a choice? Maybe they want it faster and don’t mind paying more. Is it possible to list more than one service? I can’t figure out how to do that.

asked about 1 month ago

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ccmom April 18, 2019

I do not see a way to use different carriers under calc shipping, but can offer different carriers under the flat rate options

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If I may ask, based only on help pages info (I’m in Europe, so, any sample rates can’t be found in my listing – the carrier doesn’t recognize my address and doesn’t ship from this address to their sample destinations):

would it be convenient for You and Your customers, if they could select service and pay label cost?

When in Shipping to the US the Calculated shipping option is selected, below the Select a carrier drop menu box, there is this sentence with a tick box on the left and a small info sign on the right to open it – vide my screenshot:

{tick box here} Let buyer select service and pay label cost

Since I can’t use it properly here in EU, please, check B. example on this page:

If it doesn’t apply in Your case (if the above list doesn’t have more choices below, then, indeed, it does not apply), please, disregard my answer.

Since the Select a carrier drop menu box doesn’t offer a multiple choice, is it possible then to set 3 listings, each with a different carrier offered, if You have multiple items? And explain it in all available places: listing description, shipping info (Booth Details – View shipping policy – See all booth details)?

answered about 1 month ago

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