Calculated shipping for multiple items is failing me

Hello everyone. I am new to Bonanza and just came over from Ebay. I have a certain item I sell that has calculated shipping enabled for USPS first class and priority. My shipping option is set to combine weight for multiple items. The item weighs 5oz with the box and packaging. If someone orders 6, for example, the cost goes out of control, $26 shipping to a zip code a couple miles from me. It should come to 30oz, which would be 1 lb 14 ounces. How does it get to $26? If it is too heavy for First Class, it should quote a Priority Mail price, which would be around $8.

Is calculated shipping not really reliable? For accuracy, we should be able to put in the box and packaging weight for the item and then have a separate spot for the weight of the item itself. Then set a rule where if X amount are ordered, the box and packaging then increases to a new weight. Then the weight of all the items themselves would be added up and added to the packaging/box weight and calculated as normal. Options for flat rate boxes should be able to be offered in addition to regular packages. It seems you can only have one or the other for an item. I would also like to have UPS, FEDEX, and USPS to be options for the customers where they can see all the calculated prices and compare cost, whether they are buying only one item or buying multiple. I also can’t get any prices when I chose Fedex on the calculator. I just get an error message.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for any help or advice.

asked about 1 month ago

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Welcome to Bonanza!

This type of combine shipping discount is applied when a buyer buys more than one item that was setup to use a combined shipping discount.

Note that this discount can only be applied to items that were setup to ship using the same service (i.e., USPS or UPS), so it is highly recommended that you setup all items in your booth to ship with the same serves.

If you enable the checkbox to “Combine the weight of items from the same order together when calculating shipping costs” on calculated price shipping items, Bonanza will add together the weights of all items being shipped before having the shipping provider estimate the shipping cost. We use the size of the largest package in the buyer’s offer to estimate dimensional weight.
So, if a buyer was buying 10 items that all weighed one pound and were in a normal sized package, we would instruct the shipping provider to estimate the cost of shipping a 10 pound, normal sized package.

If this option isn’t selected, then each of the items in your offer will have its shipping calculated individually, which is usually far more expensive if a buyer is looking to buy multiple items.

If you need additional support please email our award-winning support team and we will be glad to assist you further. Contact us at [email protected]

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards
Wanda T.
Happiness Producer
Bonanza Support

answered 30 days ago

Offhand, I have never been able to master calculated shipping for MULTIPLE items here but maybe it is just me. Bonz is not as smooth, in my opinion as Ebay was. Calculated shipping is ACTUAL COSTS here and not padded with a Handling Charge. My items vary in Type, Size and Postage class so it is impossible for me to PRE-figure all possible combinations of multiple mixes. There is also NO calculated shipping for Parcel Select (or whatever its called now), which IN SOME CASES would be cheaper than Priority. I only use Calc shipping for Priority anyway, NOT First Class so dont even know how accurate that is here on F/C.

Basically I just put in my Desc (if people even read em anymore and just buy off the pictures) that I can combine and usually discount shipping for multiples and then just refund back what was overpaid but only TWO maybe 3 times in 12+ years did I ever get item orders for multiple items. Also be aware HERE that if you have offers here and you accept them, IT DOES NOT include ship costs in the offer here, which to me is a big flaw and sometimes a deal killer once you tell customer that they did not include the ship costs in the offer and I cant accept the offer as sent and its going to cost XXX amount more and they need to resubmit the offer for the new amount to cover ship costs. Many get Pi$$ed and leave then in my experience when this situation happens unless it is something that they REALLY WANT. I dont set up offers in my items, but occasionally some will try to get items at a discounted price. One last suggestion is to PRINT your labels thru Paypal or whatever site you use, as Bonz charges a small vig for convenience to printing them here. Every penny counts now a days. Good Luck with your Sales here but dont try to compare it to Ebay because it is NOT.

answered about 1 month ago

Maybe just set the quantity, say 3, so it doesn’t go over the First Class shipping weight. You could then just have another listing for another 3 since Bonanza doesn’t charge you to list items.

answered about 1 month ago

Late answerer here: What I use to do on eBay for First Class items that would go over to Priority when ordering multiples, I would weight multiples and then I’d put the cost for the number of items the person wanted to buy.
For ex:
1X =$3.30 shipping
2X =3.30 shipping
3X =$5.50 shipping

?Like that. I hope I explained that well.
Heck, I couldn’t even figure out how to do the shipping set-up on eBay. The instructions on this site are bad, but at least they’re up to date. eBay’s instructions on everything was obsolete.

answered 1 day ago

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