Book sold on amazon, but never de-activated here.

We just sold a book yesterday (8/12) — Libris Mortis.

ALL of our listings are pulled from an automated Amazon listing every 2 days.

The problem is that particular book sold on Amazon on May 15. I looked at the Active Listings Report for 8/11/20, and prior Reports, and it does indeed show that book as a quantity of 0.

Any idea why the Bonanza software never de-activated its listing on Bonanza?

asked about 1 month ago

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aviannaandrea4332 August 16, 2020


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Did you have account synchronization with Amazon turned on? See that section on this Bonanza Help page:

The following is speculation on my part (assuming you had synchronization set correctly)… After you imported it from Amazon, did you change any of the listing information on Bonanza? Title, price, etc.? That may have caused synchronization to fail since Bonanza may have not been able to match up with the Amazon listing.

answered about 1 month ago

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