Bonanza's limited-edition black friday customer marketing coupon!

Hi Bonanza seller community,

Oh, by gosh, by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly! Black Friday weekend is fast approaching, so we created a customizable Black Friday coupon template available through the Customer Marketing Tool. Use this limited-edition template to create a coupon for your buyers during the busiest time of year.

Create your Black Friday / Cyber Monday coupon here:

Whether you plan on shopping this Black Friday weekend or simply hope to see a nice spike in sales, we wish you luck! Thank you for being part of the Bonanza community. You make us smile every day!

Sending merry greetings,
The Bonanza Team

asked 18 days ago

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When is the dates for this? I do not see this info on the coupon.

answered 17 days ago

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tomwayne1 November 19, 2019

Click on the link above and select the Black Friday template. It tells you the expiration date is December 4.

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