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I updated one of my categories using the batch editor and now many of the items in that category have a purple dot and it says they’re “suppressed”. The others have the normal green for sale dot. Does anyone know what it means when it says “suppressed”? I can’t find any info on this in the help files. Thank you!

asked 30 days ago

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Items that are marked “suppressed” are usually items (and categories) that Bonanza no longer allows. One such category of items is related to pet health and medicinal products.

Another example… DVDs that contain the word “Emmy” (as in Emmy Award) are no longer allowed unless you remove that word. Bonanza was forced by the Television Academy to remove all references to it in seller listings. So, until you edit those listings, Bonanza had no choice but to “suppress” the listings. After editing those, contact Bonanza to have them returned to active status.

Contact for more information.

answered 30 days ago

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maydamart October 13, 2019

Thank you, tomwayne1 – but these are paper craft gift box templates (downloads) and I just can’t figure out why there is a problem with them. They’re quite innocent! But your info is helpful, so again, thank you.


Sometimes an update (editing/changes) triggers a review. Most of the time it is random. Ask support to check the the items and tell you what or if there is a problem. They are usually back up after the request is made

answered 29 days ago

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I think you need to contact support. The fact they are digital goods may have something to do the issue. This link might be of help

answered 29 days ago

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maydamart October 14, 2019

Thank you, ccmom and abigdogmom – guess it would be best to contact support. Happy sales!

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