Bonanza should change to auctions! they would make more money!!


asked about 1 month ago

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Greynape08 January 30, 2021

I agree they should advertise!! My firends never heard of this site.

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Auctions are so yesterday. Most people want Buy It NOW anyway and usually want to receive the item (with free shipping) and want it on their doorstep 2 hours BEFORE they paid for it. It is what it is here but I still think Bonz could HELP the sellers out by maybe advertising itself a whole lot more and not put it on the backs of the individual sellers to bring in their own sales thru social media avenues and the like (which I dont and never used).

answered about 1 month ago

I disagree. If you want to sell on an auction site, go list on one. Don’t go to a fixed price site, and then expect them to change to suit you!

answered about 1 month ago

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Atomicdiner January 26, 2021

I still find they dont want to wait till auction ends, they want it yesterday. But too bad not a lot of traffic here, it is such a great site if it was run better

I like this site the way it is but I would like to see them advertise a bit more. It’s so slow on this site.

answered about 1 month ago

I gave up on auctions a long time ago other than for those rare exceptions but I’d rather do the auction on eBay…..though a lot of auctions are going too low I’m afraid to say.

I want to keep my buy it now booth consistent (opens back up for good Feb/Mar)

Back in the day I really wanted auctions but almost 100 percent feel I do not use them anymore.

Advertising, yes.

answered about 1 month ago

I myself prefer it the way it is. There are tons of sites with auctions, utilize those ones for that and keep Bonanza the way it is, why be like everyone else?? Also, as a business owner you are in control of advertising your own items, all Bonanza is is the platform for us to list on, from there it is up to us to either succeed or fail. Either way it is all on us.

answered about 1 month ago

There are plenty of platforms that offer auction style listing. Thankfully, Bonanza is not one.

answered about 1 month ago

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Auction sites bring in more business and viewers and sales. As someone wrote"would like to see them advertise a bit more. It’s so slow on this site." SLOW is putting it mildly as NO ONE knows Bonanza.. anyone I ask just say what is that? If someone new bought the site THEY WOULD DEFINITELY ADVERTISE!!!

answered 28 days ago

I agree that it seems slow around here. I was actually wondering if I was crazy and hadn’t set my booth up correctly because it’s really that slow. It’s just a thing that I’m checking out for now but I don’t think going auction is the answer. Even on my ebay store, everything is buy it now. Advertising is probably where they are really lacking. No one I know has heard of this site.

answered 27 days ago

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