Are there teams here that promote each other?

Been a while since I was active in the community here, so a bit rusty on how it all works and perhaps some of the changes. I know there are self promotion threads, handpicked lists, games, but are there teams with leaders and members to organize threads that promote each others shops?

asked about 2 months ago

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Alakazella January 23, 2021

Not sure if those goes with what you were asking. You would want to try to market your self on sites like pinterest. If you want to drive more sells to your booth. You really want to make your mark on lot of sites. Then to drive the customers back to your booth. Also leave you a Endorsements.

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Not really…the few game threads usually have someone who starts and monitors it…if you want to play just go to the rules on the first page..introduce yourself and play

Promotion threads are now limited to the person who creates it..they are the only ones who can post on the thread
…So group promotions are no longer an option (like the Block Party, Renaissance Faire, booth promotional parties…and the other promotional parties that we used to have)

All the other forums are no longer visible

answered about 2 months ago

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See ccmom's booth

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Heartsome January 21, 2021

I see. thanks

The only game thread like that still going is the booth above.

answered about 2 months ago

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Heartsome January 21, 2021

That is really too bad there is not something like that here. I really believe it puts not only our shops out in the spotlight, but Bonanza as a whole. From experience on another site I sell on, my items can be boosted in search simply by playing the promotions. Thanks for the reply

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