Anyone else being completely ignored by customer support?

I asked a question on the 18th and got a generic unhelpful response two days later so i sent a reply that same day on the 20th and have got no response since then. I sent another reply about 4 days later saying i still needed help. Few days after that i sent a new message saying my issue wasn’t urgent but i would appreciate being acknowledged and given any information at all.

Other than the statement on the contact us page that says to expect longer than normal delays there doesn’t seem to be any attempt to keep us properly informed of wait times or what to expect from support at the moment and in the near future. I understand that things are delayed right now but thats no excuse for not providing updates and information about the situation.

Waiting two or more days for a response from customer service is apparently the standard even under normal operating conditions, is this what i should expect if i sell with bonanza? No phone support and an email response when they get around to it. What if its urgent? Despite their insistence to their sellers on how important a phone contact number is they don’t seem to value it themselves.

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ccmom March 30, 2020

seems to be taking longer and longer, with the newer people..but also being located in a virus hotspot probably doesn’t help…wonder if any are sick

Atomicdiner April 01, 2020

I made a comment on Gregs Blog post. Lets see if we get any better results.

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I know I am being snippy and realize things take longer in these trying times. But, I do not think not being able to come into the office is the problem with support. These people, above any other profession, should have no problem at all working remotely from home. Frankly, I think a person who has waited a week for help from support with no response and then asks for help through the forum only to get a reply from support to contact them is unacceptable. Particularly when members of Bonanza provide a answer. If support would go ahead and answer some of the simple, often asked questions in the forum, they might be able to take care of the larger issues in a timely fashion. Just my opinion.

answered 2 months ago


MagnoliaScreens March 30, 2020

We don’t disagree with anything you said. I don’t read your reply as snippy, or snarky, only truthful! Refreshing!!!

ccmom March 30, 2020

it seems with each new employee…response time takes longer, and they actually don’t know the answers in some cases….totally agree with the coming to the forum and ask to contact support is waste…should just ans general ?s so all can see

Ditto……… Not sure what the problem is but it has gone downhill for about the last 6 months. I use to have good luck getting a response. I have a request in now for about a week. My last request for support took 3 weeks and I think I only got an answer then because I ask a question in here. Also Google feeds do not happen as documented in 72 hours. Logging dailey pulls to see now but monthly I think. It is what it is and I don’t pay for any extra service. Good Luck.

answered 2 months ago

What I noticed back when I use to sell here is that 48 hours turn around time ended up to be 1 week.

Canned answers are always common here.

PS. There should be no problems of Bonanza answering and such. One of their benefits is “Work From Home Wednesday”. They have the technology to keep this site going and answering their customers (the sellers).

answered 2 months ago

I sent a support request in on the 9th, and had an answer on the 10th, so I cannot complain about that.

That said, these are tough times, and help is very slow, no matter what company you are dealing with. Many offices have reduced hours, as well.

I do agree that when support comes here, only to say ‘contact us’, that is ridiculous. Answer the darn question, or don’t waste your time. Yes, sometimes there are personal account things, or more complicated answers, but certain support people never say anything BUT that, even when all around them, other sellers are answering the questions. It’s not rocket science!

answered 2 months ago

Even the facebook sellers help group is nothing but seller’s spam now. The admin (Mark, Now Bill) stopped monitoring it a long time ago….it’s a shame

No one reads the group description…went over to check on some issues and there was just nothing but endless self promotion…

“Note: This group is intended as a fun, friendly communication tool, not a platform for self-promotion. Posts which serve only to plug your booth, product, or personal business will be removed (as will negative posts and users). Thank you for your courtesy! Let us know if you have any issues.”

answered 2 months ago

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Under the current circumstances, HELP at anyplace is difficult to have them come in to work (or keep) and many places are hiring. Perhaps Bonanza is not immune to this issue also. I think they did get new management or leadership and perhaps the captain is not aware that the support boat is sinking here.

They seem to stalk my answers that I post here (it sure seems) so by me responding, perhaps you will get some movement on your issue. In the past, I usually dont have an issue with support here (other than Censorship) but I hate it when they respond with a canned answer (to contact support) which you already did. Good Luck

answered 2 months ago


ccmom March 30, 2020

maybe someone keeps flagging your responses

pendragons_books March 30, 2020

Maybe I should thank you. I see where about 1000 of my new and updated listings, made weeks ago, went through to Google last night.

Atomicdiner March 31, 2020

I find it ODD that they have not quoted their canned answer even though I respoded here which usually triggers a look. I could say more (truths) but would probably be put on Quadruple Double Probation so will leave it be for now.

It may simply be, nepotism is hugely in play here. If you’re one of them, you’re good. If you even HINT at push back, to support or any of the Klan, they start playing TAPS without lowering the flag.

answered 2 months ago

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pendragons_books March 30, 2020

You may be on to something. I kinda felt that way after I gave some push back last time.

OP I see that you posted a complaint on the 20th, which is well into what we discovered was a pandemic. The shift to home work on the part of the support staff has delayed a great deal of support. Since the pandemic is not likely to wane soon, expect significant delays. I don’t see why you must be impatient with what is unprecedented and unmitigated. It is not business as usual. Walk it off.

answered 2 months ago

answered about 1 month ago

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