Anyone else having trouble printing shipping labels from paypal

I keep getting an error “Sorry, we’re unable to process your request right now. Please try again later.” from Paypal when I try to print a shipping label. I’ve been trying to print the same label since last night. Anyone else having this issue?

asked about 1 month ago

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Had that problem a few times (also tends to be on Sundays) and usually just log out and then try again later and it works..

Other times instead of clicking on the Print shipping label link, I put use this

and enter the buyers shipping address and it sometimes will go through. But you have to then add the tracking information in for that buyer..

answered about 1 month ago

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See ccmom's booth

Thanks ccmom. I will keep that link handy.

I finally got it to go though and open the PDF so I could print. I created and paid for the label with no problem but could not print it. Everytime I clicked the “print this label” button I got the error message. But it seems to be working again.

answered about 1 month ago

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ccmom October 14, 2019

That is the same message I get too. Create it but cannot print it…

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