Another question, this time about batch editing

when I list an item on eBay I use the"Sell Similar" option and then make copies and edit the copy for each item. So if I list 35 items in one day, I started with one listing, then I edit that for the new item. Then copy that one and edit it for the next. It is easier than starting from scratch each time. The form is all filled in I just change one or two words in the description.

I sell postcards. So I might list 50 PA at a one time. The copy and edit saves me time. But the problem is that the HTML adds all these extra etc each time. So I end up with something like this in every listing, each will add another line of this:

I am trying to display the HTML code here but it won’t display.

last try

I try &et

trying to use the batch edit does no good because the HTML is different for every listing. I don’t have the time to hand edit over 500 listings. Is there a way to use find/replace in plain text or am I forced to edit each and every item?

This could be the end of using Bonanza if that’s the case. The savings is not worth the time spent. I has taken me several hours to get 15 items listed.

Anyone have any ideas that might help?

asked about 1 month ago

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The text You want to replace can be pure HTML or just standard text.

For more details check info here, maybe it will be helpful:

Welcome to Bonanza!

answered about 1 month ago


lesubjonctif July 07, 2020

when I select just the text to remove and replace is left blank, I choose all items in my booth, the response I get is that there are 396 requests ahead of me and refresh the page for updates. Nothing changes. Other times it gives me a note under the replace box that says this will affect # items

lesubjonctif July 07, 2020

but still nothing happens. I copy from the HTML and use just the text no code, ie plain text. Copying the code does not help because each listing has different code in the text even between words. I have taken to editing each individually but it is tedious and time consuming

also there is the option of Duplicate listing

After making the first listing in Add/Edit screen
use the drop down, select Duplicate listing

Then edit the duplicate listing..
Then duplicate again and edit again, etc..

Or at the end of the listing you can click on the large blue button that says

*Save and Duplicate this Item"
base your next listing on this one

answered about 1 month ago

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See ccmom's booth


lesubjonctif July 07, 2020

I thank you for the advice, but this would end up being more work because I would have to toggle back and forth to get the images, or save the images individually from eBay then come here to add them. It would make more work. Moving forward when I create all new listings here this will help

lesubjonctif July 07, 2020

right now I have imported over 500 listings and they include all the information and images but some of the text is for eBay and doesn’t apply here. So I will comtinue doing them each and will get through it eventually. :-)

I do have some query that can we form a team and do work in Bonanza HYFYTV

answered about 1 month ago

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lesubjonctif July 08, 2020

? HYFYTV? je comprends pas.. I don’t understand

When I first started on Bonanza, I used the duplicate listing feature, but found the results had bugs. I now do each listing on it’s own. Fixing what was wrong took more time than listing each, once you get a rhythm going.

answered about 1 month ago

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