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Did anyone else get this email from Amazon and what do we need to do?

Dear Amazon Seller,

This is an important notice regarding a third-party application from developer Bonanza . Our records indicate you have authorized an application from this developer to run your Amazon selling business. Please read the following email carefully to understand which actions you can take in relation to this application.

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) enables third-party developers to build applications for our selling partners. Amazon regularly reviews developers to ensure they are following our policies. Through this review, we have identified that Bonanza has not met the requirements to maintain access to MWS.

As a result, we will deactivate their access credentials for MWS on 6/24, which will interrupt their connection to Amazon MWS, hence impacting the application or services you receive from them.

Before we take this action, we wanted to inform you so that you may take any necessary precautions to ensure your Amazon-related business is not disturbed. We recommend that you contact this developer via their customer support channels and encourage them to contact Amazon .

Please note, unless otherwise notified, this will not affect other applications you have authorized to use in connection with MWS, including any MWS credentials (“Access Keys”) assigned to your own account.

If you would like to search for an alternative solution, we invite you to explore the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network, which lists over 2000 vetted applications that offer solutions for a variety of [URL removed]

[URL removed]

You can always manage your third-party developer authorizations within Seller [URL removed]

[URL removed]
For your reference, the Developer ID associated to this developer is [phone number removed](NA).

Thank you,

Amazon MWS team

asked 29 days ago


BonanzaSarah (Bonanza Staff) May 27, 2022

Thank you for checking, Kathyandgeorge. Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) occasionally requires certain updates on our end, which we’re happy to comply with. We have a planned update in place to address all current requirements. We can assure you that there will NOT be any service interruptions 

BonanzaSarah (Bonanza Staff) May 27, 2022

your Amazon sync will continue working normally, now and beyond 6/24. No action is needed from your end. Sorry again for any concerns. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] Have a great day! 

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