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Garden Central
BonanzaBrianna Feb 22, 2024

Garden Central

image of yellow and pink wildflowers

Are you dreaming of warmer days? It's time to ensure that you have everything you need for spring gardening, which we hope is just around the corner. Take a look at some of our top picks from Bonanza's "Garden Center"!


For the bird enthusiast, we have some great options to support your feathered visitors. Hummingbirds are always a crowd pleaser, and this stunning glass hummingbird feeder is guaranteed to attract these tiny creatures. Or, give them a beach vacation with a nautical-themed birdhouse. If you want to observe them up close, check out this window attachment for a bird feeder.



Pollinators play a vital role in our environment and contribute to the well-being of our gardens. To attract these important creatures to your yard, try out some of these wildflower blends. Consider the conoclinium pollinator mix or this super vibrant mix that contains seeds like bachelor buttons, zinnias and cornflower. Another option is the annual wildflower seed mix, perfect for sunny areas with a blend of cosmos, baby breath and larkspur.

Having a great planter, whether for indoor or outdoor use, can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your green sanctuary. This charming Disney honeycomb planter will add a touch of cheer to any windowsill. These two hanging troughs made of galvanized metal exude a rustic feel. To create a cozy home for your small, medium, or large indoor plants, consider using these straw baskets.



While the traditional green watering can is perfectly functional, you might prefer a more contemporary option, such as the Stainless Steel can from Georg Jensen or the Vattenkrasse Ikea small watering pail. If you prefer a more classic aesthetic, you can opt for a milk jug style steel can, which won't be an eyesore on your porch. For those hard-to-reach areas, the expandable 50 ft flexible hose will ensure that you can water every corner of your garden. And to keep everything organized, you can use the hose storage wall mount which also has a small compartment to store your easily misplaced gardening tools.


Maybe this year you dip your toes into composting - not literally! Start on a smaller scale with this compost tumbler. Or scale up with this big 2-pack outdoor wire compost setup! Wherever your compost is, make transportation easy with this countertop compost bin with an airtight seal.

This is just a small selection of what you will find in Bonanza’s Yard & Garden Center, so be sure to check it out and make sure you’re ready for Spring planting! 

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4 responses to Garden Central

BookbinEtc says: 02/22/24 at 10:03:25

Great post. It is time to start planning our spring gardens.

Love the wildflowers!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 02/27/24 at 14:11:29

Such a fun project :)

ooak says: 02/22/24 at 14:52:10


BonanzaBrianna says in response: 02/27/24 at 14:11:10

We are ready!!

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