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Hi, I'm in my 60's and simply stopped counting after I hit the big 60. I'm a Marine veteran of the Vietnam era where I was wounded by shrapnal from a booby-trap. Since then I've lost a leg to gangrene, almost lost both, after an ultralight aircraft accident in 93,...

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My Endorsements (18)

mobilka March 27, 2011

This is a wonderful person! He gave me a banner and it’s beautiful! Thanks Larry, good luck to you!

RobTJoneS March 25, 2011

Thanks,He made me a banner. Yes it was a GoOoD one.

matlock2060 March 23, 2011

Thank buddy for the banner! Keep up the good work

goodreads March 22, 2011

Made me a very nice banner for my Good Reads Book Store. And did it quickly. What a kind thing to do for others at no charge. Thank you for taking the time from your day to make something for someone else to make them happy. What a pleasure it is to find someone as nice as you. A treasure to Bonanza for sure!!!

MiscClocks March 22, 2011

I was presented an unexpected gift and it is now published for all to admire. I will enjoy using your creation for my booth. I appreciate the effort in doing that for just being friendly. I highly recommend his pictures. Polzar is a great asset to the bonanza community. Anyone who sells here will benefit by getting to know him. I wish him good health and happiness

anniepurchase March 19, 2011

Nothing to describe, polzar is a kind, warm hearted man, thanks for your assistance for banner, also wish you good health and have nice time every day.

Prints_and_More March 18, 2011

Polzar found a couple of banners for me. I appreciate his efforts in doing that for just being a nice guy. Thanks again.

DDsLoveScents March 14, 2011

This Guy is a Super Nice Guy and I want to Say Thank you so much! A Very Special Friend not to Mention an Asset to bonanza! Highly Recommended to Everyone. Many Blessings Always

crazycat16 March 04, 2011

Thank you for the banners! so much better than the basic Bonanza banners. custom made! what a guy! great!

Rogersstuff January 07, 2011

Shop with confidence here at Polzars. If your looking for honesty, integrity, high quality and fast shipping. If you love beautiful pictures. I highly recommend polzar’s pictures. Simply beautiful!

pwrplayspalace November 25, 2010

This is one Bonanzaler I am sure glad to have crossed paths with. I had asked him how to do something one time and he was right there to help me in any way that he could. I have the great pleasure in promoting for Polzar and it is a joy to be able to do so because when I look at all the photos he has taken, they bring back so many memories for me. I am a scenic person and absolutely love the scenery. There are many photos that remind of what I used to do….and circumstances change…lifestyle changes….and destinations change…but the memories also live on in others work. So thank you Polzar for reminding me what I once had.

swipxa September 22, 2010

this is a amazing place and this is a very amazing people

steve2010 August 03, 2010

Polzar is a Kindly elderly,And also my first customer。I felt his warm and friendly,Wish him good health and happy everyday.

NativeByDesignz July 08, 2010

This gentle soul is an example of how folks should look at each other. Such a pleasure to chat, communicate, buy or sell to each other! Getting to know Polzar is a plus being here on Bonanzle! He has a great eye for detail and beauty. I’m so happy to call him “friend”. You da best!

samiamsxa March 19, 2010

I have had the great honor to have a transaction with Polzar and I must say that it was one of the most pleasant transactions I have ever had shopping/selling online! Great Bonanzler!

muddyriverironworks March 04, 2010

Polzar is a great customer. He is easy to work with and always is polite and friendly. He is one of the best customers I have worked with yet by far.
Polzar is a great asset to this wonderful on-line community. Thank you again Polzar for your custom order!

Sarah564254 February 19, 2010

I have also burned the “early morning oil” chatting with Polzar here at Bonanzle and respect him so much for his compassionate demeanor and concern for others. Anyone who sells on Bonanzle should look to this type of personality as a mentor that deserves following. Ethical creatures are hard to find these days, so hang on to him. He is so needed.

John1011 February 10, 2010

Polzar is a wonderfully friendly US Veteran. A real American hero and a true American Idol. He is an honorable man. I highly recommend getting to know him. Stay up late and chat with him in the early morning hours. I pray you have good health, God by your side and always know that you are appreciated for your sacrifices made to insure the freedom of others. Dad was a Vietnam Veteran and USAF retiree. He always told us he’s rather go to foreign shores if it meant keeping ours safe. I always have and always will admire him for his sacrifices, as I will always admire you for yours. God bless always!

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