Hand Picked List: Meatless Mondays AND Holidays

"I've Always Wanted to Try a Tofurkey"
Brought to you by QuakerMaid
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Published on 10/16/21

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AudiLee October 17, 2021

My late boss was a vegan. His wife made tofurkey for holidays, I never tried it but I heard it was pretty good. Occasionally, I eat veggie burgers. I add a Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, avocado and cheese, yummo! Good stuff here, I’m getting hungry! :D

Starfisher October 18, 2021

I don’t think I could be a Vegan, but this list has some great selections. I’m a Portabella fan for sure.

QuakerMaid October 19, 2021

@AudiLee: The mushrooms are very good! I think it’s a great meat substitute. And they can be fried, like steak or burger. I’ve never had a tofurkey. I would be open to try everything in that list. I’m trying to go vegan. I’m already vegetarian.
I thought it would be harder than what it is, but I’m doing very well weeding out them animal products.

QuakerMaid October 19, 2021

@Starfisher: I like mushrooms . . . . . A LOT!
ANd for those who like burgers, the portabellas give the same texture as the meat.

I don’t think veganism is for most people. In the U.S., we’re too meat-centric to achieve a mostly-vegetarian diet.
But these are good alternative for those suffering from meat-eating related health problems, or just trying to cut down on the abuse of animals during the factory-farming process, or maybe spiritual ideology . . . .
Just some ideas.

AudiLee October 21, 2021

Good job, QM! My niece has been vegetarian most of her life but she and her husband have both crossed over to the Vegan side :D

QuakerMaid October 25, 2021

@AudiLee: I think I’d be doing better if I didn’t have my partner. He eatss whatever he feels like.
So there’s cheese and milk in the house at all times. Sometimes it’s easy to make a smoothie or throw a slice of cheese on my soup.
But I’m still doing very well in reducing my animal products.
Is that the same neice who came to visit you?

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