Hand Picked List: Dog and Butterfly..

"up in the air he likes to fly"
Brought to you by RockOnbyAudi
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Published on 08/15/17

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User comments on Dog and Butterfly..

RockOnbyAudi August 15, 2017

See the dog and butterfly
Up in the air he likes to fly
Dog and butterfly
Below she had to try
She roll back down to the warm soft ground, laughing
She don’t know why, she don’t know why
Dog and butterfly

Lost_Treasures August 15, 2017

Both so Cute – Thanks for having Me along Audi, -

nightrunway August 15, 2017

Super cute list. I’ll be hearing this song in my head all day.

VintageVarietyShop August 15, 2017

An adorable combo! Thanks for including my antique cup and saucer!

Rustyreds August 15, 2017

My boy has a butterfly patch of hair on his butt……So cute.
Thanks for showing my butterfly’s OOOOOOOOXOOOOOOO

ReddyGiftware August 16, 2017

Audi – Thanks for picking my butterfly frame
and Toto dog to appear on your wonderful HPL!

I know that I MUST know this song because it’s Heart! But for the life of me I have NOT been able to put music to the lyrics! I CANNOT recall the tune at all and that’s weird for me. Best I can do is…
“He’s a magic man, Mama! He’s a magic man!” lol

Guess I better go youtube Dog & Butterfly by Heart. (I hate youtube, but it’s driving me nutz now – gosh DARN IT I dislike getting old!!)

ReddyGiftware August 16, 2017

Guess youtube has something to offer me every once in a very very rare blue moon after all. But now I’m having an impromptu self-pity party for one and crying like an infant – so very sad my aging brain couldn’t retrieve this beautiful song on cue.
Sorry – but sharing was the only way to stop my wallowing and force me to laugh at myself. Thanks again for creating this HPL, Audi!

Starfisher August 16, 2017

What a wonderful HPL, so very different. I didn’t recall the little song at first, but it does seem familiar. Thank you so much for including my dogs in this creative list.

Robin1 August 16, 2017

Love the song, love the list!

RockOnbyAudi August 16, 2017


Hi Robin, Starry Jan, Reddy Girl, Rusty, Vintage, night & Lost :)
I love this song and it stuck in my head too! I’ve been thinking about making this one for awhile. Lol Reddy :D Laugh away!! My memory is TERRIBLE so think nothing of it! Lol Rusty :D Nice 2 C U all :)

Bootsies_Home_Garden August 16, 2017

Wow! Thank you so much, Audi for creating his Delightful HPL and letting us know about it, too! Such a fun concept! Thank you so much for including us, too! Hugs!

RockOnbyAudi August 16, 2017

((((Bootsies)))) You are very welcome dear friend <3. Your gift baskets are awesome!! They made a beautiful addition! :)

WholesaleSupplies August 16, 2017

Thanks for including my embroidered dog pillow.

RockOnbyAudi August 16, 2017

Hi Bon, your very welcome :)

Bama_Babes_Boutique August 18, 2017

How cute! Thanks for including my doggie bead :)

c2cgraphs August 18, 2017

thank you for including one of my items. love the list

WholesaleSupplies August 18, 2017

Such a good list, I had to stop and look some more.

HOABobbies August 18, 2017

Thanks so much for the include Audi! Happy end of Summer!

Closet27 August 18, 2017

So friggin cute!!!
That was beautiful Audi!
Super stocked to play a part in your beautiful and poetic list..
Love it!
Thank you so much for including my vintage butterflies ; )

jdsgiftshack August 20, 2017

super duper adorable!!! Thanks for including my butterfly!!!

vintagesuffolk August 20, 2017

Thanks for selecting my Kiss puzzle for this very cute list.

RockOnbyAudi August 21, 2017

Hi Bama, love the bead, sooo cute! c2c great afghan graph! Love it :) Thanks Bon, glad you liked it and came back.. really appreciate that! <3 Happy end of summer, Bobbie :) Thank you so much Closet and I love your butterflies :) XOXO back atcha ;) Dena.. I LOVE your pillow pets, this is maybe my favorite.. well this one and the dragon ;) Hi vintage, that is sooo sweet I love it!
I love ALL of these items from each of you! :)


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