Hand Picked List: Welcome PayPalers

"The biggest PayPal client has now abandoned the pay service. PP customers might be coming here!"
Brought to you by QuakerMaid
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Published on 05/27/21

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What do you think the theme of this HPL is?

Starfisher May 28, 2021

Has to be insect repellents, I can sure use a lot of these around here. Great idea.

AudiLee May 29, 2021

Yes, The big one is doing their own thing now, we still have PayPal for here, probably other sites and also my own website still uses it, I think it’s a safe way to pay and be paid.
This list is about pests! LOL get those repellents out, man, the skeeters are driving me nuts, they sure love my blood, must be super-sweet :D Citronella and lavender are great, we have a couple of each. I think I want a Venus Fly Trap plant.. these bigger flies BITE :( Thanks for adding my net, QM :)

VintageVarietyShop May 29, 2021

A super and timely list with great picks.

QuakerMaid June 01, 2021

@VintageVarietyShop Thank you for the compliment.

QuakerMaid June 01, 2021

@AudiLee Disappointed that the other site’s doing away with PP. When it comes to finances, I trust PP more than I trust the site itself. I use to even have a PP debit card to buy items offline.
I think that big SM site run by Zuckerberg still will offer the use of PayPal for purchases.
I have those Thermacell deals that I attach to my belt or arm that helps repell mosquitoes. It takes about 5 minutes of warmup time for it to start working. ANd there’s a bit of waste associated with it. It needs one of them butane cartridges and a ‘mat’ ~the cardboard thing that contains the active repeller ingrediant of Allethrin.
I have to use this to do any gardening at certain times of the year. I hope to one day figure out something just as effective, but less wasteful.
You know, I think I might try rubbing DE on me this year. See if that works. I put it on the chickens and cats to protect against mites and fleas. Works great for them.

QuakerMaid June 01, 2021

@Starfisher I also could definitely use these here. ANother good thing to repel mosquitoes (I think I’ll add it to the list as soon as I’m done here) is a fan. If you’re sitting in one spot near a plug (like on the porch or deck), a breeze repels mosquitoes.
I don’t know why I didn’t think about this already.

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