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Booth overview

Hail, and welcome to Primeval Magick!

We at Primeval Magick are an online metaphysical store, ran by two powerful metaphysical practitioners, a druid and a shaman. We, who have studied the old ways, and embraced ancient occult arts, are here to help you with your metaphysical needs. We believe that ancient knowledge and wisdom should be approached with a modern perspective, and that progression in all things, including the metaphysical, is important for the evolution of the human race. We do not promise you nonsense or impossible sorceries such as the ability to physically be able to fly through magick or similar, unreasonable things, but rather time-tested and genuine rituals that will enhance your life.

To that end, we offer Custom Spirit- and Entity Conjurations, and we weave spells, both pre-made and custom-tailored to your wants and needs, on demand. Aside from Custom Spells and Custom Conjurations, we, on occasion, offer Pre-Conjured Spirits as well. We have, over the years, mastered an ever-expanding plethora of different kinds sorceries, systems, and allied with vastly different types of spirits, entities, gods, and daemons (some would call them demons), to enrich your life, provide energetic healing and protection, to serve as companions, and to help develop your talents and skills in any and all aspects and areas of your life.

Our spirits are powerful, loyal, and always agree to be conjured and bound to our buyers out of their own free will. Our spells can address a wide variety of topics; from love and abundance blessings to permanent protection spells, and even life-altering spells to enhance your energy and life in a wide variety of ways. We offer Curses, Bindings, and Uncursing/Curse Removal services for those in need. We offer Ceremonial rituals and spiritual contracts and soul-contract removals with deities, daemons, and other powerful and skilled spirits to help you attain wealth, fame, prestige, and power, or rid you of undesired spiritual dedications and devotions. We offer Legions and Bulk Conjurations of spirits to our clients to help protect against malicious magick and entities, as well as Servitor- and Construct creation services for those so interested in creating a custom companion, ally, or lover on the astral plane to their desires and taste.

Allow the spirits and us to guide you through runic divination or Tarot readings. Reveal that which is hidden through our often-purchased and highly popular Insight spells that reveal that which is hidden from plain sight.

Details are available within a given listing. Don’t be shy; please message us if you have any questions regarding a listing. We pride ourselves on in-depth consultations and information, and are glad to assist you.

We are:
Deirdre O’Hara (Owner/Founder, Clairsentient Druid, Spellcaster, Conjurer, Metaphysical Scholar)
Aowulf (Owner/Founder, Clairaudient Shaman, Spellcaster, Ceremonial Magician, Conjurer, Runemaster)

Primeval Magick: Ancient Magick, True Freedom

Shipping policy

All our spirits, entities, and spells are directly bound to the Spirit of the client. This means there is no need to ship anything.

Return policy

None: All purchases final

Miscellaneous details

Shipping: So far, we do not sell physical items in our store in the vast majority of cases. We offer services for spirit conjurations as well as the performing of spells and rituals on behalf of our clients, which are all bound directly to, and performed directly on behalf of, our clients. We also offer paid rune-, tarot-, and pyromancy readings and long-distance Reiki treatments (Reiki temporarily unavailable until further notice). When we complete your order, we will mark your item(s) as “Shipped.” We do this for administrative purposes, to keep track of which offers we have completed, as well as to let you, the customer, know that we have completed your order. We will also send you a personal message after completion of your order to go over the details of your order with you, and to provide assistance, help, and guidance after the order has been completed, in case you may have any questions.

Return Policy: We currently have a No Returns policy. This means that, due to the nature of the items we offer in the store, we will not accept the “return” of spirits, spells, and/or rune readings, nor do we provide refunds. We will, however, unbind spirits or undo spells for you if you find them to be not what you expected, or if you find the energies to be too intense at this time. We will perform this unbinding service for you, free of charge. Certain exceptions exist to this rule, at our discretion.

Seller coupons & discounts

Combined item discount: 10% off w/ $500.00 spent

Shipping discount: Shipping weights of all items added together for savings.

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