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The Vintage Shift: A Touch Of Classic for Your Home
BonanzaSarah Nov 22, 2023

The Vintage Shift: A Touch Of Classic for Your Home

At Bonanza, we believe that every home tells a story. And often, it's the intricate details—the ones that might go unnoticed at first—that help craft a story of you.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to bring a touch of nostalgia into your modern space or a seller aiming to offer timeless pieces, understanding why there is a return of vintage hardware is vital.

Vintage hardware is making a comeback. But why? 

Each piece tells a story from the past, adding charm and history to modern homes. 

In a time where it is more affordable to buy mass produced furniture, there is one way to make it more ‘yours’. The accessories.


Doorknobs are more than just functional pieces. They are, in many ways, the first impression of what lies beyond the door. 

Vintage doorknobs, whether they’re ornate Victorian brass pieces or rustic iron from the arts and crafts era, they can make a statement in your home. These classic designs mixed with a modern feel, really adds a nostalgic touch!

Check out these glass ones here, from one of our favorite sellers.

Drawer Pulls

The magic of drawer pulls is how they can transform a piece of furniture. 

Think of a simple oak wooden dresser. Something you may buy from a store, or perhaps something second hand you’re looking to revamp. Now, imagine it adorned with ornate bronze pulls. Buying some copper lining, for the edges. A touch of metal to bring out the warm tones of the wood.

Perhaps even mixing two varieties of styles. A dark walnut dresser with a ceramic, european handle. Whatever it may be, play around with things. Bring some new life into what you already have.

We love these vintage ones here on Bonanza. Something you can’t really find in your average store.

Light Switch Covers

It’s funny. Its something you don’t really recognise until you have to repaint or replaster an entire room. Light switch covers.

Replacing a plain white cover with one that boasts an art deco design, or a perhaps a  copper plate, can not only make the look different. But also the feel. As a light switch as well as a door knob, is something you physically touch when simply entering a room.

It’s why very highend houses will always have metal or unusual light switch covers. It adds to the differentiation, fo the home. 

If you want to keep the light or white theme, but want a little edge, take a look at this style one here.

For more, simply search for vintage via Bonanza here.

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1 response to The Vintage Shift: A Touch Of Classic for Your Home

jenny43 says: 11/22/23 at 15:12:43

Thank you so much for this post. I watch HGTV frequently and what I see is the return to vintage in many ways while still being a new trend. Your focus on this trend and small ways to use vintage material with the modern is supported by HGTV and the many renovators that it sponsors.

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