Results are In!

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Results are in for the EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Awards 2021!

Bonanza won first place for

  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Recommended marketplace

This put us second overall in the Sellers Choice Awards, one-upped only by eBay. The leading publisher and number one source of news for e-commerce and online merchants, EcommerceBytes, ran the survey for the twelfth year.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to this survey. We went into this past year asking for direct, on-going feedback from you, our sellers, in return for our commitment to listening and making decisions based on that feedback. We are so glad we did. You have provided us with a successful roadmap that included continued improvements to our customer support. Jackson and the team want to thank you for voting them number one in marketplace customer service for two years in a row.

We've committed to continued communication and transparency between Bonanza and its sellers, using this blog to keep you updated. We sent out our on-site seller survey recently and you responded positively, giving us confirmation of the plan we set in motion to be the most seller-focused marketplace. We created a Seller Advisory Panel as another way of working with our sellers to develop a best-in-class value proposition for you. Thanks from all of us for voting Bonanza first place for Communication.

Our third award was absolutely thrilling! Thank you for making us the number one Recommended Marketplace! In a year that saw other marketplaces adding fees and processes, Bonanza stayed true to our seller-focused ethos and goal of simplicity.

Here are some comments from sellers who voted in the survey, quoted by Ina Steiner, co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes.

Excellent customer service and use of the site. Bonanza has come a long way offering a Blog area on the site to educating via YouTube. I love the new additions. When requesting more Blogs there is never a No and always a Yes. The Staff at Bonanza have always reached out with where there is a Will there is a Way attitude.

I’m thrilled with Bonanza. I’m not very computer literate (I’m an old Grandma!) but I was able to make listings and sell things easily and didn’t have to ask my son for help! I especially like that I can accrue award points that can be applied to my seller fees.

The team goes above and beyond what is expected to help their sellers succeed. They believe that people in general try to do the right thing and allow a transaction between the seller and buyer to be amicable for both parties. There is opportunity to ensure that your item is listed correctly as a seller and information available to the buyer to ensure the purchase is what they expect to receive. Your reputation speaks volumes as a buyer and a seller on Bonanza. It is a fun place to shop and sell on just like the other unmentionable venues used to be before they were incorporated and only cared about the bottom line. Bonanza is truly an online venue that I look forward to as a buyer or a seller.

We appreciate the kind words! Our team read each of the published comments. We want to get the word out that Bonanza is not only the best place to sell online but to shop, too. Maybe you caught our recent radio ads promoting Bonanza as a shopping destination? You can also help by inviting your buyers, friends, and family to follow us on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter. Encourage the sellers you meet on seller forums to check us out.

We look forward to continuing to listen to you, our sellers, to keep Bonanza the best place to sell online this year and every year!

64 responses to Results are In!

  • Starfisher says:
    02/16/21 at 14:03:42

    Congratulations, there is a reason why I have been here since the beginning in 2008, the community feel and the support of the staff is like no other site. It is the only place I sell on, and I hope to be here for a long time to come. Again, way to go, give yourselves a pat on the back!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    02/16/21 at 18:57:45

    Thank you, Starfisher! That’s wonderful you were one of the first Bonanza sellers! We appreciate your being part of our community :)

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    02/16/21 at 14:13:53

    That is awesome! Congratulations to Bonanza! I’ve been here since 2010. This is a great place to sell at. Keep up the good work.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    02/16/21 at 18:59:41

    Thanks, Steve! We’re honored to have you here!

  • Shays_creations says:
    02/16/21 at 14:18:27

    Wow that is strange when we have to hustle so hard here. I am happy to be back.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:34:37

    Glad to have you!

  • gossiprag says:
    02/16/21 at 14:24:52

    you keep winning yet i never see an increase of sales………..

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:34:57

    We’d be happy to take a look at your booth. Please email us directly at [email protected]. Thanks!

  • nasliun says:
    02/16/21 at 14:27:28

    Great place to sell…Thank You for the great job…Love You

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:35:06

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • tegger says:
    02/16/21 at 14:30:31

    Congratulations Bonanza, always happy when I hear, and read good news regarding Bonanza.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:35:15

    We feel the same :)

  • Ancient_Days says:
    02/16/21 at 14:45:15

    This IS wonderful NEWS! Everyone can expect GREAT experiences here at this great platform. I agree 100%!
    TY Bonanza Team for being superior in support and excellence!

  • watfordleather says:
    02/16/21 at 15:24:56

    Thanks for sharing Bonanzashelly. All the best and good luck in 2021 to Bonanza Team and all sellers. Cheers.

  • Ms_Prissys_Patterns says:
    02/16/21 at 16:07:49

    Congratulations! I have stuck with Bonz from the early days. The communication is what matters.

  • philo171 says:
    02/16/21 at 16:08:32

    let’s go for 1st place!

  • tomwayne1 says:
    02/16/21 at 16:16:10

    Utterly fantastic!

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:35:23

    We think so too!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    02/16/21 at 16:49:22


    I voted, as always, and have always been pleased with the Customer Service here, and ease of use, etc.

    I would like to see, however, Bonanza move up in the rankings for profitability. It’s a terrific site, but I think most of us would like to sell more, and have Bonanza more well-known.

    Yes, I know my booth has been on vacation since the pandemic started, but I do plan to re-open soon, and hope for the best.


  • townpeddler says:
    02/16/21 at 17:19:14

    I was very happy to hear the news about customer service. Congratulations Bonanza. I have also been very satisfied with the customer service. Instead of always having my listings importanted to Bonanza I really want to try and list some items on the site separate from eBay. It would be great to see bonanza push to the top in all categories someday. I admit I’ve made quite a bit of money from eBay and the good outweighs the bad. But some of the negatives of selling on eBay have really rubbed me raw over the years. I don’t really have much of a choice but to sell on the site that brings me the most money. I will now try to take some time out and put some brand new listings on bonanza only. You guys have been working really hard creating this marketplace.

  • suecali says:
    02/16/21 at 17:23:42

    Congrats! Well deserved.

  • ydnaegram94 says:
    02/16/21 at 17:44:11


  • LisasTreasures4U says:
    02/16/21 at 18:28:56


  • scientificos says:
    02/16/21 at 18:35:54

    Most relevant is bottom line purchasing. There is no medal or trophy for poverty and lack of sales. People are not exposed to Bonanza name enough whether because it is suppressed by ebay or Amazon or other major website selling site. You need to be more competitive and ebay and Amazon are not indestructible entties. In act ebay is crumbling as we speak due to terrible changes with listing policies, management of seller’s funds, manipulation of product categories and many many programming problems due to very poor choice of persons making the decisions for them. They do not respect their sellers at all and make their selling more grevious by the day. This is an opportunity to take some of their market share but you can’t do it without media spending and advertising of Bonanza website. In hard times people entrench and only go to the major players, which may be unfair but a reality. Good luck with future business and market share.

  • supsilver says:
    02/16/21 at 18:42:36

    Thank you for wonderful information. Excellent staffs!

  • Inosha says:
    02/16/21 at 18:45:24

    Congratulations Bonanza Team, Sellers, buyers ect…

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:34:24


  • GripperCardHolders says:
    02/16/21 at 18:52:41

    Congratulations Bonanza! I am a former Bonanza seller who left due to hardly any sales or exposure. However, I’ve decided to give it another try, and when I came back, I didn’t hardly recognize the site! There have been many wonderful changes and I am quite happy about that. So far, since I’m new, I’ve only had one sale, but I’m sure with patience, there will be more, so I plan on sticking it out for the long haul.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Pickermann says:
    02/16/21 at 18:57:52

    I have not anything yet but I have faith. Bonanza is and will be a great place to sale I tell every one about I did some on eBay and cane over to Bonanza, it is more saler friendly.

  • ydonofrio says:
    02/16/21 at 19:01:57

    One big suggestion is to make available more affordable shipping for packages that weigh more than a lb. only offering priority is crazy

  • bingoshop says:
    02/16/21 at 19:34:30

    Congratulations to Bonanza!

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:34:12

    Thank you!

  • checkertone says:
    02/16/21 at 19:46:52

    That’s some great news!! I am new on Bonanza, and am looking forward to grow along with you all!! Congrats!!

  • EmpressDepot says:
    02/16/21 at 20:16:56

    Bonanza has been my most fave since I arrived in 2009. Congratulations to the Bonanza team and to all of us sellers.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:34:06

    We’re lucky to work with you, EmpressDepot!

  • Fantasy_Zone says:
    02/16/21 at 20:39:12

    You were my top-rated platform in all but one category, and well earned it was. Looks like Bonanza got 1st Place in three categories too. You deserve it :-)

  • uk074117 says:
    02/16/21 at 20:47:44

    Great Congratulation to Bonanza bring more success.

  • JaipurBoutiqueJewels says:
    02/16/21 at 20:54:00

    Congratulations but Bonanza is only bringing traffic to the paid sellers. Its a bad strategy, i hope you will be more transparent to others.

  • Iroshan_ says:
    02/16/21 at 21:20:52

    Congratulations to Bonanza. wow.Awesome

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:33:42

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Dargini says:
    02/16/21 at 22:02:09

    Congrats Bonanza! We’re glad you won the cake this year too.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:33:32

    Us too!

  • TurtleCreamBeans says:
    02/16/21 at 22:07:20

    Congratulations! Bonanza is a real game changer and I see a very bright future ahead. Please do let us know how we can help.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:36:04


  • PineCottage says:
    02/16/21 at 23:56:48

    Yay! Way to go! I just started selling after a long pause. I’ve only got one item listed, but am setting the stage bit by bit.
    The thing I like about Bonanza is, first, the name and second the small town feel.

  • lighttop209 says:
    02/16/21 at 23:58:08


  • Oge_Natural_Products says:
    02/17/21 at 00:21:03

    Am new on bonanza, and hope to make a good sale on this site

  • Tibbsy257 says:
    02/17/21 at 03:00:43


  • Art_Jewel_Gallery says:
    02/17/21 at 04:15:21

    My Account Sell Helps

  • Fshophere says:
    02/17/21 at 04:15:57

    hello BonanzaShelly, I wonder why bonanza there is no traffic at all like eBay or amazon and i have no sales yet after a long time ago……perhaps i must to pay my store to view results but i am not sure any more……

  • Giamer says:
    02/17/21 at 04:27:48

    Congratulations to Bonanza. Keep up the good work and hopefully it will be even better next year. More eye balls are needed so hopefully this will help.

  • FotoSam says:
    02/17/21 at 04:37:05

    Further development and business success!

  • die_cast says:
    02/17/21 at 06:01:29

    Great Job!

  • Virtual_Mamas_Place says:
    02/17/21 at 07:16:07


  • SewHereItIs says:
    02/17/21 at 07:38:14

    I am so pleased to see that Bonanza beat out so many other venues! Congratulations!

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    02/18/21 at 08:35:46

    Thank you!

  • Nordstromsauto says:
    02/17/21 at 07:43:03

    Congratulations!!!!! I cant say I’m surprised though. Your staff does an excellent job here at

  • DaveMinNJ says:
    02/17/21 at 07:57:30

    While I applaud Bonanza for doing well in the Customer Support and Communication categories, there is serious work to be accomplished in the profitability category. I, too, voted Bonanza #1 in customer support and communication. No doubt, Bonanza Customer Support is deserving of being number 1 in this category. I have done this every year I have voted (since 2013 I believe). I have also mentioned (since 2013) that sales are rare and just a lack of traffic to the site creates zero to low profitability. Years ago, I made 2 suggestions that I felt would help Bonanza. Neither one was acted on. Let me remind everyone what they were. Cobrand or create a payment system similar to what ebay did with PayPal. I do not have to tell you how much profit that brought ebay and look where PayPal is today. This suggestion was ignored. The second suggestion was to issue stock to the public to raise capital for advertising and general business expenses (which would take the burden off the sellers to self-promote their booths) but more importantly issue stock to sellers as a way of rewarding loyalty to the people who bring value to the company. This idea was actually laughed at. I only have to mention Etsy to prove my point. So 2 suggestions were never acted on. Bonanza will continue to be the Peets Coffee to the Starbucks brand. If you do not know the Peet’s Coffee/Starbucks connection, you should read about Howard Schultz. Fascinating story of how one company was happy with where they were while the other company became the 800-pound gorilla in the industry due to forward thinking and vision….). Will Bonanza settle and become the Peets Coffee to Etsy’s vision of becoming Starbucks? We will see….

  • Nola_Discount_Shop says:
    02/17/21 at 10:44:36

    CONGRATS! That is so awesome! We are proud of you! :)

  • allmoringa says:
    02/17/21 at 11:00:41

    Congratulations! I Joined the Bonanza family a week ago, and I’m very excited to start selling my amazing products on your platform.

  • XellerDiscount says:
    02/17/21 at 16:43:16

    Well pleased with Bonanza. Grateful for the unique opportunity. Unique in that it feels like family. The quality for which platform is operated speaks multitudes. The nature of products, of buyers and the manner which business is conducted is refreshing and CLEAN. Folks won’t need to seek counseling after a visit. Keep up the good work…

  • marcaciano says:
    02/17/21 at 17:25:40


  • Pandemic2020 says:
    02/17/21 at 22:51:14

    I havent sold anything yet. What am I doing wrong?

  • ThilanK says:
    02/18/21 at 04:36:16

    congratulations! I’m new to Bonanza, I feel good here. Nice place to selling.

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