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Bedding on Bonanza
BonanzaBrianna Mar 1, 2024

Bedding on Bonanza

image of pink bedding with cups of coffee and books

Shop bedding on Bonanza.com  - whatever your style, find what you need to optimize your rest and relaxation!

Full body pillows, like this one, can provide a variety of benefits for your body whether you’re lounging on the couch or preparing for the next day. Maybe you’ve already found your perfect pillow and just need want to upgrade the case - checkout these blue and white Tommy Hilfiger shams. If you’re tired of waking up with frizz and flyaways, try a satin pillowcase instead of cotton!

This lambswool throw blanket from Sferra will cozy up any room with its seagreen colorstory. This 100% cotton throw will add an organic looking texture to your bed stack. If you’re going for softness, this tassled throw blanket looks perfect for napping!

Flannel sheets are perfect for winter and we like this minimalist design on this white and grey set. If you run warm at night, consider this 1800 thread count bamboo set. Or, add some color with this floral cotton set from Kate Spade.

As we’ve said before, vintage is always “in” - lean into grandma-core with this sweet, blue and white quilt. Decorative and functional, this white crocheted quilt is sure to become an heirloom. Add some vibrancy to your room with this fabulously colorful handsewn quilt!

Find your comfort on Bonanza.com!

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