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Clearing The Air About Bonanza Shipping from CEO, Quincy Faison
BonanzaSarah Oct 26, 2023

Clearing The Air About Bonanza Shipping from CEO, Quincy Faison

Hi there everyone, this is Quincy.

I wanted to personally address the recent feedback regarding our shipping program update. I've always believed in transparent communication, and so I'm taking a moment to clarify some things and respond to the concerns we've heard.

1. Clearing the Air About The $2 Credit

First and foremost, the $2 is a credit towards your shipping label purchase, not a fee. We're not adding any hidden charges; it's essentially a deposit that goes right back into facilitating your shipping.

2. Versatility with Shipping Labels

Our labels cater to USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Whatever your preference, we're working to accommodate this.

3. Global Shipping

Now, you can tap into a global market, ensuring your products reach corners you've only imagined. By the shipping being managed through Bonanza, we make sure small errors and complications can be minimized. Helping both you, and us.

4. Not Everyone Is on the Same Boat

We understand the diversity in our sellers, so here are some of the exemptions, but not limited to:

  • Sellers using third-party API services for fulfillment.

  • Dropshippers.

  • Non-US based sellers shipping from abroad.

  • Those who sell digital products

5. QR Codes

For our printer-less sellers, we’re introducing a QR code option. Come November 8th (or shortly after), just take this code to any USPS, FedEx, or UPS counter. They'll scan, print, and label your package.

6. Compatibility for All Printers

We've heard some of you faced challenges printing labels. We're addressing this by enhancing our printing process to ensure all printers can easily print our labels. This will be on its way very soon.

Some Other Things I Wanted To Clarify

Our shipping program's essence is to enable our smallest sellers to avail the largest discounts.

The shipping program isn't about extra fees – it's about creating a more seamless process.

The core idea of shifting to Bonanza Shipping, is to give our sellers the competitive edge against giants like Amazon Prime, ensuring you get the best shipping rates possible.

That’s why we have included the price match guarantee. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match that. 

This ensures both our bulk sellers and those shipping a handful of orders get the best rates. This isn't a 'junk fee'. It’s our way of helping more, through Bonanza, to minimize issues and complications.

It's tailored to be flexible, and we’re committed to addressing that, such as those situations mentioned above. When it comes to your business operations or finances, know that we have your back.

Sellers leveraging multi-channel solutions for shipping that are fully integrated with Bonanza are exempt. While we offer a similar service, we recommend you to continue using whatever streamlines your business operations.

If you're enjoying a fully integrated shipping solution elsewhere, we urge you to stick with it. But if you aren't, our aim is to save you from repetitive tasks and assure competitive, if not cheaper shipping rates.

In wrapping this up, I wish to emphasize: this is a collaborative journey. Your success is Bonanza's success.

We only add some change to Bonanza if it benefits both sides. Hence the new Bonanza Shipping.

Any issues or concerns you are more than welcome to reach out to customer support,

Quincy Faison
CEO, Bonanza

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20 responses to Clearing The Air About Bonanza Shipping from CEO, Quincy Faison

stuff4divas says: 10/26/23 at 14:55:30

All my listings are uploaded from my more than 10 year old eBay account and their shipping costs have always been lower than Bonanza’s. Now that I know the .95 processing fee is no longer applied and that u will match any lower price than what u charge, I will reserve judgement until after I have tried out your $2 shipping credit program. Thank you, I think LOL

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 13:37:34

Thank you for your feedback, stuff4divas! We expect to be able to save you money.

BookbinEtc says: 10/26/23 at 15:10:49

Thank you for the clarifications. I thought it was all perfectly clear in the original post, and was quite surprised by some of the questions / comments.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/28/23 at 07:28:41

You’re welcome!

TheAtticParadox says: 10/26/23 at 17:48:57

Why this screwy setup? Why not just charge the full shipping label price at the time it is purchased like every other marketplace out there does? It does not help me as a seller to have my label costs broken down into a “deposit” and “not-deposit.”

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 14:28:20

Thanks for your feedback. We are refining the setup now thanks to suggestions like yours. You will pay the full price for the label when you purchase it on Bonanza and the $2 assessment on your billing statement will be automatically marked as paid. The shipping label costs will not be altered or broken down in any way.

EmpressDepot says: 10/26/23 at 19:08:53

Thank you for clearing the air on this topic. I understand it now. Thank you for the savings on shipping. I just may be able to pass on the savings to my buyers.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 14:18:31

Thanks Sharon! We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that you may be able to pass on the savings to your buyers!

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