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An In-depth Guide to Seasonal Campaigns
BonanzaSarah Nov 29, 2023

An In-depth Guide to Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal campaigns are like the spices of the marketing world. It’s a marketing strategy that aligns with specific seasons, holidays, or events throughout the year. From Christmas to Valentine's Day, summer vacation sales to back-to-school offers, these campaigns tap into the current mood, preferences, and needs of consumers.

If you're a Bonanza seller, this guide is specially crafted for you, breaking down the 'what' and 'why' of seasonal marketing, and offering actionable ideas to make your campaigns a hit.

Why is Seasonal Marketing Important?
Seasonal marketing allows sellers to be in tune with their customers' current mindset and demands. It increases the relevance of your marketing message and often results in higher engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Give your Bonanza booth a seasonal makeover. If it's winter, think snowy backdrops and cozy vibes. For spring, consider incorporating blooming flowers and pastel colors. This visual alignment instantly draws visitors in, making them feel the seasonal spirit right away.

Offer Discounts & Special Offers

Craft catchy season-themed deals. For instance, a 'Winter Wonderland Discounts' might include bundled up products, while 'Summer Sizzle Sales' could spotlight sun hats and sandals. Get creative and ensure your promotions resonate with the season at hand.

Top Tip: You can do this directly through Bonanza by making seasonal coupons for you buyers.

Divide Your Products into Categories Related to Special Days

Allow for easier shopping experiences by curating collections like "Romantic Gifts for Valentine's" or "Eerie Essentials for Halloween". This not only enhances user experience but also potentially increases cart values.

Opt In For Gift Wrapping at Checkout 

It may take an extra couple of minutes, but making things themed and relevant, can increase repeat purchases. More than half of consumers, in an online survey, admitted that the appearance of their gift, including its wrapping, was crucial as it made the gift more thoughtful. The presentation of a gift can impact the recipient's perception of its value.

Revamp Your Social Media Campaigns

Align your social media presence with all of the above too. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your seasonal preparations, post countdowns to major sales, and update graphics to reflect the ongoing festivity.

User-Generated Content 

Encourage your buyers to become brand ambassadors. Create a unique hashtag for them to share their festive purchases. This not only provides authentic content but also builds a community around your brand.

Once you have it, promote this on your Bonanza store. It would make you stand out fantastically.

Flaunt Social Proof & Customer Testimonials

On a similar note, what's more convincing than hearing praise from a fellow shopper? Display reviews that applaud the quality of your seasonal products, or the timely delivery during peak seasons. This boosts trust and credibility, encouraging new visitors to make a purchase.

Other Top Tips:

  • Do Competitor Research: Identify gaps in competitors' campaigns and find areas where you can shine.

  • Set Your Target Audience: Know who you're selling to. Customizing campaigns for your audience ensures higher engagement. For example, more luxury items, think blacks and whites and expensives metallic colors, if selling toys or puzzles for kids, think bright colors or cute mascots and characters.

  • Focus on Your Content Quality: Use high-quality images, clear descriptions, and persuasive call-to-actions. Keep it sharp, to attract attention.

Harnessing the power of seasonal marketing on Bonanza can set your booth apart, draw someone’s eye and help you start building a loyal customer base. 


When Should I Start Planning a Seasonal Marketing Campaign?
As soon as you can. Give yourself ample time for research, strategy formulation, and execution. So two months in advance is perfect, but it's never too late to get started!

What are 3 Seasonal Campaigns Marketers Should Use?
Christmas/Holiday sales, Black Friday, and Summer Sales are three of the most effective seasonal campaigns for most markets.

Smash this Q4, Bonanza fam!

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6 responses to An In-depth Guide to Seasonal Campaigns

Gina_Faerie says: 11/29/23 at 12:55:19

I didn’t realize you could change the look of your booth and create categories within it.

Gina_Faerie says: 11/29/23 at 12:57:06

Ok wow, I found the category thing, that’s certainly nice to know about! Looks like the customizing appearance is only for silver members.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/30/23 at 13:36:12

Hi Gina_Faerie! Yes, the category options can be very handy. You are able to change out your booth banner at any time if you want a new look for the holidays.

AZMilitaria says: 11/30/23 at 04:29:16

Any sales campaign, including Seasonal Campaigns, need more flexible tools. Examples might include: Being able to Publish coupons for specific booth categories; Ability to Set different discounts by booth category; Designated prominent area for Seller coupon & discount information on booth home page rather than having to search for text buried in Booth Details, Discounts, and Policies.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/30/23 at 13:42:43

Hi AZMilitaria! When you create a coupon using the Marketing tools, we give you 8 choices for types of coupons plus an option to create your own. You can check it out by pointing to Selling at the top left of the page and in the dropdown menu click on Advertise Items. In the menu bar select Marketing Coupons. In addition to the marketing coupons, the coupons you create on your Coupons & Discounts page can be posted under your booth banner using the booth panel options. We’re happy to help at [email protected].

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