Removing Pesticides from Bonanza

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Hello, Bonanzlers! Today, we’d like to discuss an important update to our prohibited items policy: pesticides. We have recently updated our policy to prohibit ALL pesticides and insecticides. This change was made to ensure that products sold on Bonanza are safe for the environment and the purchaser.

What is a pesticide? Any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. Any substance or mixture of substances intended for use as a plant regulator, defoliant, or desiccant.

We trust that everyone on Bonanza is here to make an honest living. However, even the best intentions can go wrong, and people sometimes break the rules, knowingly or unknowingly. For these situations, we have a dedicated Loss / Risk Prevention (LRP) team that enforces our prohibited items rules.

Bonanza's LRP Team utilizes several tools to help proactively remove and prevent prohibited items. They notify sellers of claims or items that have been removed.

We get by with a little help from our friends

Despite our best efforts, it’s impossible for us to catch 100% of violations on our own. That’s why, in addition to our LRP team, we also have the Bonanza community helping us when possible. Anyone can report items or users for violating the terms and conditions (if you see something, say something!). Together we can ensure that products sold on Bonanza are safe for the environment and the purchaser.

22 responses to Removing Pesticides from Bonanza

  • EternalAtake says:
    02/06/20 at 18:01:31

    The Ban Is A Needed One, As We See The Bee Poupulation Start To Dwindle. Good Job Guys Glad Ur Eco Frinedly. -99

  • ooak says:
    02/06/20 at 18:09:40

    Yes… except… you reported my antique Black Flag EMPTY metal Garden SPRAYER…

  • Home_and_Goods says:
    02/06/20 at 18:47:34

    Great job and mother nature says Thank you very much!

  • cajunteacher2 says:
    02/06/20 at 19:23:36

    I can’t imagine selling stuff on line knowing some use them for other harmful reasons…should be bought in person locally for sure…great call

  • greatgadsster99 says:
    02/06/20 at 20:12:49

    What crap. Cayenne pepper & vinegar repels insects and you can eat those. What a sad world we live in now. We have to protect the really stupid people from doing really stupid things like eat mouse/rat bait.

    02/06/20 at 20:57:22


  • tropicalmoes says:
    02/06/20 at 21:31:38

    Hurray for Bonanza. That’s a great move for our environment.

  • The_Leather_Souq says:
    02/06/20 at 22:06:56

    You guys always do a great job so keep it up and i am so happy tha i am a bonanzler. :)

  • BlingBlinkyofTEXAS says:
    02/07/20 at 03:08:58

    Save the Bees! Save the Planet!

  • Skippercheckers says:
    02/07/20 at 03:52:06

    Makes alot of sense to remove (all) Pesticides, Thumbs Up! Lets all keep Bonanza a safe & pleasant for everyone to buy and sell..on Bonanza.

  • SuperChicken says:
    02/07/20 at 05:22:25

    Good to see that Bonanza has continued to carry the mantle after my semi-retirement.

  • robatash says:
    02/07/20 at 05:47:11

    I am sure you have scientific reason for this or is it just some liberal think tank reasoning?

  • Couponeer says:
    02/07/20 at 06:51:46

    I sell a few roach motels on other sites if I happen to get them in a gaylord pallet from time to time. Nice to know when I don’t see them auto-uploaded to my Bonanza store. Thank you.

  • CaringForPaws says:
    02/07/20 at 08:13:51

    Not that I am selling any, but how do organic items fall in this group? Safer’s soap, Bacillus thuringiensis, neem oil, Diatomaceous Earth, etc. I used to certify organic farms and grow organically so I am curious.

  • Sadiemonster says:
    02/07/20 at 08:34:21

    Great news! Thank you!

  • thisiserikpaul says:
    02/07/20 at 09:45:22

    Awesome we live on an organic farm and love to hear thing like this ????

  • Abundantly_Yours says:
    02/08/20 at 00:20:36

    Thank you Bonanza! As a tree hugging seller, I am grateful that you are protecting Mother Earth!

  • judymitchel says:
    02/08/20 at 02:12:08

    Worth reading article., I always in search of this option that how to remove pesticides? and after reading this I am very much sure all my doubts have very much vanished.

  • indyattic says:
    02/10/20 at 09:57:05

    “..all pesticides and insecticides” shows a lack of science in the author’s piece. All insecticides are pesticides, as are herbicides.

  • Nola_Discount_Shop says:
    02/12/20 at 08:54:20

    Thanks for allowing us to sell on your site. We appreciate it. We wish y’all continued and future success!

  • rathnayake says:
    02/14/20 at 05:57:36

    it is good

  • Red_neck says:
    02/14/20 at 12:21:24

    ok sounds good

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