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7 simple yet powerful ways to kick-start your sales



To start your sales, start your selling

You’ve just opened your Bonanza booth and are eager for the sales to start rolling in. That being said, we can both agree on one thing: the key to selling, is to sell. In other words, as Wayne Gretzky put it, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

If you’re like most people, self-promotion can make you a bit uncomfortable. Putting yourself and your business out there can be intimidating. Although it can be scary to get started, think of it this way: buyers want what you're selling, but they can't purchase your items if they don't know about them.

When you put it like that, promoting your merchandise isn't just good business – it's an important way to connect people to the products they want and need and a great opportunity for you to connect with your customers.

We've compiled this list of the most common and accessible methods to get your first sale on Bonanza. We don’t recommend any particular order to do these in, but strive to accomplish each one so you can get your first sale right away. Let's get started!

1. Announce your store on Facebook
Your booth is finally open and your items are up for sale, time to celebrate! But how do you let your friends and family know about your Bonanza booth? Facebook is a great platform to share this on. 90% of social media users are on Facebook, and this likely includes many of your family and friends, too. The first step is to log into your Facebook account and post an "official" status announcement of your new booth. Ask your friends to share it on their own feeds. Your friends and family want to help you succeed, so don't be shy! If you let them know, they'll spread the word.

Here's an example of what you could say:

“Hi friends! Exciting day, I just opened a new booth on Bonanza. Please help me get the word out by sharing this with your Facebook friends and visiting my booth. Thank you for your support! :)" 

Consider creating a private coupon code for your Facebook friends to use in the “Coupons & Discounts” section of your booth settings. You could add “Here’s a 10% off coupon just for my Facebook friends to use at the time of purchase” into your announcement to give your friends even more incentive to make a purchase. Learn more about how to create coupons and discounts in your booth.

Be sure to also include a link to your booth - you can copy and paste it from the address bar in your browser. Don't be surprised if your first sales come from your own circle of friends - after all, they're your biggest fans.

2. Promote on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter



Your products are some of your greatest assets. Product photos are an awesome way to show potential buyers just how visually appealing your items are. If you share them on highly-visual social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and others, it will build interest in your products and draw traffic to your Bonanza booth.

Be sure to share some of your best best product photos at least once each week if not once per day. Consistency is key and can help you gain more followers. Use hashtags (if applicable) that are related to your item so you can reach even more interested parties.

Pro Tip: Did you know you can share your listings on Bonanza directly to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter? Learn more about sharing your listings on social media.

3. Send an email invitation

Word of mouth is how online businesses succeed. You might feel like announcing your booth on Facebook and promoting your item photos is enough sharing online, but it doesn’t stop there. There are multiple outlets for spreading the word to your personal network of friends and family. Email is another great and efficient way to let them know about your new booth. Invite them to stop by your booth and ask them to forward the info to others who might enjoy your products.

Here's an example we crafted just for you - feel free to copy and paste:

“Hello there! I hope this email finds you well. I'm super excited to announce that I've opened a new booth on Bonanza to sell my products, and I need your help to get my very first sales! Please click this link [link to your booth] to view my products on Bonanza. If you know anybody who might be interested in my products, please forward this email to them. It will really help me out, and I truly appreciate it. I owe you one!”

This is also a good opportunity to include a private coupon code exclusively for your email customers. That way, when a buyer checks out you’ll be able to tell they used this exclusive code and found your booth via email. You’ll see your own work paying off! Learn more about creating coupons and discounts in your booth.

4. Create a blog

Blogs are an efficient way to showcase your own style and personality while simultaneously promoting your inventory. Sites like Blogger or WordPress make it easy for you to get started and provide features such as easy-to-use templates and your own custom domain name to set you up for success. For example if you’re selling clothing items, you can create a fashion-focused blog and incorporate your Bonanza listings into your blog posts. It’s important to update your blog frequently so readers can always look forward to new content. While this may be a long-term strategy that won’t pay off overnight, the investment will be worth it to build and attract your customer base and find your own style.

Pro tip: Include your free referral link in your blog to direct buyers to your Bonanza booth. When a buyer makes a purchase as a result of this link, you will not pay any final value fees. Learn more about your free referral traffic.

5. Create and hand out business cards

Though it may sound old-fashioned, having business cards on hand can be much more convenient and impactful than you think. You never know when you will come across a family member wanting to purchase your items or an acquaintance who’s already selling online who can help you with promotion. Be sure to include a link to your Bonanza booth as well as any contact information you are comfortable with sharing.

Use sites like Vistaprint or Moo to create custom business cards to hand out to friends, family, at social gatherings or wherever you want! Include your business card when shipping items to buyers so they know how to find your booth to purchase more of your items. Consider handing out stacks of business cards to fellow colleagues so they can help you network and distribute those on your behalf. The possibilities of who may end up with one of your business cards are endless!

6. Adjust your ad commission

If you’re opted into advertising, Bonanza already sends your listings to search engines like Google and Bing. But if the competition for your particular product category is fierce, your listings might not rank as highly in the search results as you'd like them to.

Don’t fret! You're in luck: As a Bonanza seller, you can give your items a permanent bump in search results by increasing your advertising commission.

What is advertising commission? It's the percentage of the sale price that you'd be willing to pay in order to make the sale. The higher the ad commission, the more we're able to bid to show your products in search results - and the more shoppers you'll attract to your Bonanza booth.

To increase your ad commission:

  1. Hover over the “Selling” link in the upper-left corner of any page and select “Advertise items” from the drop-down menu
  2. Under the “Choose your advertising level” area, select the best final value percentage that works for your business and save your changes

Note that our goal is to help you sell your items as fast as possible, and we use your selected max fee to determine how much advertising we can buy on your behalf. For sellers with high-demand or hard to find merchandise, we often find buyers without spending the full max commission fee specified. In those cases, we pass the savings on to our sellers. So if it works for your business and your product margins, increasing your ad commission is a great way to get more visibility and sales.

7. Turn on feed partners


Another benefit of increasing your maximum ad commission (see above) is that it gives you the option of publishing your item listings to many other online shopping platforms. For example, choosing the Basic ad commission unlocks the ability to advertise on Google Shopping, the Bonanza Affiliates program, and Bonanza Promotions. Selecting the Superior commission level unlocks the ability to advertise on comparison shopping engines like Bing Ads and eBay.

To get your item listings published into those Bonanza partners all across the web, just click the check box next to the shopping engines where you want your products to be found.

Once you select your preferred shopping channels, Bonanza's broadcaster technology will create custom feeds for your products and publish to your chosen platforms for you, automatically. Publishing to multiple websites is a powerful way to reach a much larger audience than can be offered by any single website.

Pro Tip: If you have a seller account on eBay, you can choose to manage your inventory on Bonanza and have them auto-published to eBay. Just select the checkbox next to eBay in the “Where do you want to advertise your items?” area.

Success is just around the corner

As the old saying goes, "Products don't sell themselves." But, in fact, they almost do! You've already taken a huge step by setting up a booth on, the award-winning marketplace with millions of shoppers every month. With just a little more effort and some fine tuning, you can really get your sales machine humming - and then sit back and watch your first sales roll in.

Soon enough, your biggest challenge will be finding the time to ship all those orders!

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