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Bonanza Pricing

All prices below are based on the Final Offer Value (FOV). FOV is the amount that the buyer paid to you for the item sold, plus any portion of the shipping fee that exceeds $10. For example, if your product sold for $15 and you charged $12 for shipping, your Final Value Fee (FVF) charge would be calculated based on an FOV of $17 (that's $15 for the item, plus $2 for the portion of shipping fee that exceeded $10). 

See additional examples below if you have questions. Or, learn how to pay your fees.

Bonanza Fee Table

See above for a definition of FOV.

FOV under $500 3.5% of FOV for standard booths (or whatever advertising percentage you have selected, i.e, 9%, 13%, etc)
FOV greater than $500* 3.5% of FOV for standard booths (or whatever advertising percentage you have selected, i.e, 9%, 13%, etc) + a flat 1.5% of the amount over $500

Minimum fee: $0.50

Advertising Fees

All sellers can use Bonanza Advertising to drive extra buyers to their items. If you opt into advertising, the fees you pay will vary depending on the settings you have chosen and the source of the buyer that purchases your items. You can review and adjust your advertising settings at any time from your "Selling > Advertise items" page. Please see the advertising page for more details.

*Sellers who opt into the Bonanza Promotions advertising program will always have their FVF calculated on the full base price of the offer, even if the base price is greater than $500. Since the discount provided to the buyer is calculated based on the full base price, the full base price must also be used to calculate the final value fees on Bonanza Promotions transactions. 

Pricing Examples

  • You sell a $2 item. Although $2 x 3.5% = $0.07 you still owe $0.50 as that is the minimum on any item.
  • A buyer buys three of your items for a total of $109 after shipping. The total shipping for the offer is $14, of which $10 is deducted. So your FOV is $109-$10 = $99. Your fee is then 3.5% of $99, or $3.47
  • You sell one item for $750 with free shipping and did not opt into advertising. You owe 3.5% on the first $500 ($17.50) and 1.5% on the remaining $250 ($3.75) for a total of $21.25

The "Fine Print"

  • We may choose to offer optional advanced selling features (for example, the ability to view advanced statistics on your items) at a price in the future. However, any non-free features that we choose to add will be purely optional, that is, you won't have to pay for them to be able to sell on Bonanza.
  • For the purposes of computing your FOV, it doesn't matter if you close your offer through negotiation or with "Buy Now"
  • Sellers have up to 180 days from the date of the transaction to request refunds on the final value fees. Final value fee refund requests on transactions outside of 180 days will not be honored, no exceptions.



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