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Unique Non-Tarnishing Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Signity CZ Barbell Ring

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Item Details

Gemstone Treatment
Gemstone Type
Gemstone Size
MM Millimeters
Gemstone Shape
Gemstone Color
Main Stone
Cubic Zirconia
Country/Region of Manufacture
Rhodium Plated
6mm x 24.5mm
Metal Purity
.925 Sterling Silver
Ring Sizes

More details about this item

Rhodium Plated Signity CZ Barbell Ring **Rhodium plated sterling silver ring with Signity CZ barbell design. One end of the 6mm x 24.5mm Signity CZ barbell unscrews so that it can be removed. The band is approximately 3mm. This ring is available in whole sizes 5-9. .925 Sterling Silver Arrives in a gift box with a keepsake pouch. **What is Rhodium Plating? Jewelers often use rhodium plating as a finish on silver, white gold and platinum jewelry. It gives the jewelry a brighter finish. Rhodium plated jewelry is hypoallergenic so it won't turn your skin green. What makes Signity CZ so Special Signity Cubic Zirconia have left a felt presence in the world of CZ and imitated diamonds. Signity which was created in 1999 has been consistently bringing extremely high quality Cubic Zirconia to the jewelry market and is the first company to offer the ideal cut on CZ. In fact each and every facet on a CZ which Signity produces is precisely cut and polished to very high tolerances. What’s really great about Signity stones is that while these are definitely the most “diamondesque” CZ around. At Signity, “we believe that the finest diamond look-alike ever developed must be cut to standards equivalent to those applied to the finest cut genuine diamonds,” explains Signity CEO Klaus Hammer. A gem artisan tries to bring about the hidden beauty of the material he works with. To this effect his attempts are directed at bringing out the fire and brilliance in a stone as best as he can, this could be a diamond or a CZ. Creating a good balance between the brilliance of the stone and its light dispersion properties is where the real challenge lies and that is where Signity craftsmen excel in. When such a cut is achieved, the ideal cut is born. STC83652

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My boys loved them

Purchased Samanthastc Ring on Bonanza
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