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Blue Bridge 16x20 Needlepoint Pillow

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NCU490A BLUE BRIDGE. CHINOISERIE CHIC! Pagodas, latticework railings and bridges were key elements in the 18th-century English interpretation of Asian designs. The British East India Company’s import of tea, porcelains, lacquers, and silks from China fueled a mania for goods “in the Chinese taste.” British copperplate-printed fabrics (now called by their French name, toiles), became all the rage in curtains and slipcovers about 1770. As the inspiration for these pillows two centuries later, these fanciful chinoiserie designs still hint elegantly at the exotic. Trend meets tradition with the WILLIAMSBURG brand. Companion pillow to NCU488A, NCU492A. Companion pillows in Red color scheme: NCU488, NCU490, NCU492. Needlepoint 16'x20' pillow made from 100% wool with a cotton velvet zippered back. All pillows come with a poly insert. Down Stuffers are available as a luxurious alternative. Look for Part Number SD-1620 for a Down Stuffer suitable to give your 16' x 20' pillow a classic 'overstuffed' look. When you buy a Michaelian Home accent piece, whether it be a rug, pillow, or travel bag, you?re standing by tradition, and investing in quality and style. All pillows come with a poly insert. You can upgrade to Down Stuffer as a luxurious alternative. Specifications NCU-490A Blue Bridge 16'x20' Needlepoint Pillow Colors: Natural Keywords: throw pillows, pillow cases, handcrafted pillow, Rustic