Hand Picked List: Zombie Apocalypse...

"They're dying to come out"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 08/18/20

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Would you be able to survive the apocalypse?

AudiLee August 18, 2020

I’ve watched enough Zombie flicks and Naked and Afraid series.. :D LOL I think I might do ok BUT I think I’m gonna look for the biggest, smartest and most adept fighters to hang out with :D

Lost_Treasures August 18, 2020

At Your Service Audi, -
Fun List -

AudiLee August 18, 2020

LOL Lost :D I needed a “walking” one.. great add :)

Robin1 August 18, 2020

Cool picks Audi, I’m a fan also!

Starfisher August 19, 2020

I’m a watcher as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m prepping for the Apocalypse now, between Covid-19 and Hurricane season. I have plenty to eat, but not sure about the fighting! Terrific list.

VintageVarietyShop August 19, 2020

Such fun and scary pick Audi!

AudiLee August 19, 2020

Hi Robin and Vintage, thanks :) I love the zombie flicks :D
Hi Starry Jan, yes, I’m sure! You stay safe there!! That’s a lot scarier than zombies and naked people LOL :D All you need is a long stick.. “stick’em with the pointy end” (GOT reference) Gives you some distance there!! LOL :D

QuakerMaid August 20, 2020

I like those zipper pulls. I’d survive an apocalypse by buying off all the drones and using them to scout out all the necessities. Then I can sit home and send out the drones whenever I need something.

AudiLee August 20, 2020

Hi QM, thank you :) That’s a pretty creative idea! You can be our eyes but you should probably keep a pointy stick anyway in case there’s a herd that starts to break in.. we may be goners then :/ LOL

rsimandl August 21, 2020

Hey thanks for the add.
“Beat ’em or burn ’em, they go up pretty quick!”

AudiLee August 21, 2020

Hi rsimandl :) My pleasure, that looks like a cool DVD. They sure do, LOL :D Thanks for stopping by, Audi

AudiLee September 01, 2020

This one ends today, it was fun while it lasted :D

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