Hand Picked List: Spiders & Snakes...

"a not so scary collection"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 09/14/20

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Have you ever owned a snake? Do spiders and/or snakes scare you?

AudiLee September 14, 2020

I snake-sat briefly, a 6’ Boa named Natasha and yes, I was very afraid LOL

ATEHO September 14, 2020

Great choices! Thanks for including ATEHO.

Starfisher September 14, 2020

I don’t mind snakes at all, but spiders send me into a panic. Terrific list, thanks so much for having my creatures along.

quadrina September 14, 2020

They are definitely not my cup of tea but thanks for including my Spider Web ring and Snake ring to your amazing list ….. from quadrina. :)

AudiLee September 14, 2020

Hi ATEHO, those are really cute earring! Hi Starry Jan, depends on the type of spider for me, most of them I don’t mind at all.. snakes however :D Hi quadrina LOL :) I LOVE that ring, that is definitely a super-cool eye-catcher!!

teristrunk September 14, 2020

Well done! As long as they’re on the screen I’m good. Thanks for including my purse.

VintageVarietyShop September 15, 2020

Super snake and spider selections! How’s that for alliteration?

Robin1 September 15, 2020

I can’t stand spiders or snakes but this list is awesome so thanks very much for including me :o)

AudiLee September 15, 2020

Hi Teri, that’s a really cool purse! Hi Vintage, I love making lists with titles like that :) Hi Robin, I guess you would never want to snake-sit LOL :D It’s how I (somewhat) overcame my extreme phobia over them.

Lost_Treasures September 15, 2020

Cute list Audi, As Kids be used to chase and catch Snakes. Spiders we stomped on.
One of our German Shepherd Pups was bitten by a 9 yr. Rattler & almost died on us. I found an old fence post and chopped away on its head till I got it cut away from body. And like the saying goes. A Snake without a head will still live till the Sun goes down & she did. (True Story).

QuakerMaid September 15, 2020

So many neat things. It’s hard to choose my favourite. I think the snake pin is my fave.

NeillsDeals September 15, 2020

what fun, Audi! Adorable picks and sellers! Thank you such for including us! Happy Fall to all!

Bootsies September 15, 2020

Let the magical Halloween Season begin! Thank you for creating this very cute HPL. Audi and for so sweetly including us!

AudiLee September 16, 2020

WoW Lost!! Rattlesnakes are so dangerous, it’s a wonder your sweet pup survived! Glad it did and that you were not bitten too! QM, I like that pin as well. Hi Neills and Bootsies, awwww thanks and always my pleasure! <3

NecktieGuy September 20, 2020

Thanks for including my spider Christmas tree ornament. There is an actual legend about the spider in the Christmas tree. I guess they were very common…ugh.

AudiLee September 20, 2020

Hi NecktieGuy :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I really like your ornament, I will have to check out that legend, I’d never heard of it before!

QuakerMaid September 25, 2020

I forgot to answer this question too! I’ve never owned a snake. We have the garter (?) snakes here. I pick them up and put them in our shed ~to eat the mice in there. I’m not afraid of the ones here in Michigan. I think there’s only one kind that lives here that might bite.

AudiLee September 26, 2020

Be careful of the biter. They are definitely good mousers but I do think i prefer cats for that :D Natasha was harmless, yet scary to me but then I’ve always been terrified of snakes until I needed to snake-sit. I couldn’t let any creature starve or go without water. It was one of the hardest things I think I probably ever did but I no longer jump on chairs and tables and scream and go hysterical LOL!

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