Hand Picked List: Scarecrows & Jack-O-Lanterns

"Just hanging out"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 09/15/21

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Have you ever made a scarecrow for harvest or Halloween decor and what did you use?

AudiLee September 15, 2021

Hi :) In answer to my own question, yes we do! I made two.. One is 7’2" and the other (my avatar, Suzanna Scarecrow) is 5’8". You can find them and other life-size dolls I made in my “House of Lee” page at my website audilee.com

ToysAndTreasuresToo September 15, 2021

Fun picks!

AudiLee September 15, 2021

Hi :) Thanks, I was just commenting on your Leafy list!

Robin1 September 15, 2021

Great list, Audi, and thanks very much for including my Jack O’Lantern brooch!

AudiLee September 15, 2021

Hi Robin, I love that brooch, it’s very cool!

Starfisher September 16, 2021

This is such a great list, love the theme and the colors! Wish I had a scarecrow to put out, I have a straw witch.

AudiLee September 16, 2021

HI Starry Jan :) thank you! Straw witches work fine! My first scarecrows I made were with jeans and shirts stuffed with anything (leaves, rags, pillows or batting, packaging peanuts) I added straw or raffia to the neck, end of arms, legs and some coming out of shirt. I glued raffia inside an old straw hat to make his hair. Just a share there ;)

VintageVarietyShop September 21, 2021

Wow Audi! You are so creative. I can’t say the same for myself. Great list!

QuakerMaid September 25, 2021

Of course, the pin is my favourite. I’m glad you made FP.

AudiLee September 25, 2021

Vintage, you are VERY creative and clever.. I’ve seen your lists too :) Thank you and thank you QM. THe pins are really cool, I love them both~

bvaughnfamily September 28, 2021

Answer: no.
But I love your list.
I reckon this is your time of year – almost a signature theme…?

AudiLee September 28, 2021

Hi bvaughn, thank you. Yes, it definitely is.. I’ve missed it! I’m going to put out some of my dolls anyway this year, I figure we need a little cheer and maybe a little scare too :D For some reason, life-size dolls seem to scare people, even pretty ones LOL

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