Hand Picked List: Earth Day ~ April 22, 2019...

"actually, Earth Day is every day!!"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 04/06/19

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There are so many ways we can help our planet. what are some of the things you do?

AudiLee April 06, 2019

Hi, everyone, thanks for stopping by :) One of the things I do for the environment is ride my bicycle. As I live in a smaller town, it’s easy to get around that way. I also get the fresh air, exercise and I enjoy it as well :) There are of course others but I will leave those ideas for you ;)

Lost_Treasures April 06, 2019

Great Finds Audi,

AudiLee April 06, 2019

Hi Lost, Great to see you again! Thanks:)

VintageVarietyShop April 06, 2019

Super picks Audi!

Starfisher April 07, 2019

So many things can help, thank you for reminding all of us, and a special thank you for including my Green Man.

quadrina April 07, 2019

YES Earth Day is everyday!!!! Great list and thanks for adding me in it. Wonderful list!!! …… from quadrina :)

AudiLee April 07, 2019

Hi Vintage, thank you most kindly! :) Hi Starry Jan, I love your Green Man <3 Hi quadrina my pleasure, you know I love that vest :)

johngermaine April 09, 2019

Thanks for including my vinyl record bowl!

Closet27 April 09, 2019

Indeed Audi,
Everday should be earth day!!
Thank you so much for including me in your lovely list of one of my favorite days of the year ; )

pendragons_books April 09, 2019

I am all for saving the planet. Thanks for picking my items Audi.

sandy7172cat April 09, 2019

Nice list on our beautiful planet, Audi! Thank you for including my pinback!

AudiLee April 10, 2019

Hi Germaine, long time, so nice to see you, love your hubby’s bowls! Sandy, so good to see you again too, very cool HR pinback :) Closet, me too & we need butterflies! Hi p_b they are GR8 books, my pleaure!

ArtsyCrafteryStudio April 11, 2019

So kind of you to share my products in this wonderful Earth Day HPL. Thanks so much dear friend!!! ???

AudiLee April 14, 2019

Hi Artsy girl ;) My pleasure, you are such a talented artist I’m always happy to include some of your creations.

AudiLee April 18, 2019

Hi Pendagron, did you just sell the hybrid cars book? Replaced with your very cool recycle computer book. Awesome selections in your booth :)

juanitamart47 April 25, 2019

How cute is this? Love it. Thank you again AudiLee


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