Hand Picked List: Dying To Live Again

Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 09/06/21

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If you watch horror movies, do you have a favorite undead creature?

AudiLee September 06, 2021

I always enjoy horror flicks, especially the older ones. Dark Shadows ~ Barnabus Collins was my favorite Vampire (1960’s, original series).

Starfisher September 07, 2021

I liked that show as well, I also liked Outer Limits and Twilight Zone. I have probably seen every old horror movie ever made. Not a fan of todays slash horror/murder movies. Thank you so much for including one of mine in your HPL!

QuoiDeNeuf September 07, 2021

Creepy list with lots of great picks! Thank you very much for including one of mine!

Robin1 September 07, 2021

Great finds, Audi! Thanks for including my Goosebumps game :o)

AudiLee September 07, 2021

Hi Starry Jan, me too and like you, definitely not a fan of slasher films! Hi Quoi and Robin.. my absolute pleasure!

VintageVarietyShop September 07, 2021

Lots of creepy fun here Audi! You should try to find the Australian made “What We Do in the Shadows” to watch. Vampires as housemates. It is so great!

AudiLee September 07, 2021

Hi Vintage, thanks :) Yes!! We have just started watching that, it’s on netflix and it’s pretty funny, I think we’ll like it ;)

NeillsDeals September 08, 2021

How super fun is this showcase, Audi! Love it! Thank you so much for letting us be part of the action! Our favorite season! Hugs!

perfumeandpharmacy September 09, 2021

Hi Audi….Thanks so much for including my book “Undead And Uneasy” by Mary Janice Davidson. It’s one of my favorite series….horror with a sense of humor!

AudiLee September 09, 2021

Hi Neills, I’m so glad you gals are back.. we missed you! It’s a fun time of the year and sending hugs back your way ;) Hi perf, looks like a great series.. I like horror and I like humor :D

HOABobbies September 16, 2021

LOL!!! Great title! Thanks for letting us RIP here! =^.^=

AudiLee September 18, 2021

Hi Bobbie, I thought that was a perfect ending for this list. They need to rest.. in peace!! LOL

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