Hand Picked List: Deer Proof

Brought to you by bvaughnfamily
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Published on 10/09/20

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User comments on Deer Proof

AudiLee October 09, 2020

Awwww, I love deer… I would be more like the Vegetarian.. bad hunter ;) It’s a great variety for a hunters list, bvaughnfamily.. and nice to see you making lists again :)

Starfisher October 10, 2020

I agree with Audi, great to see you back. Lots of selections for any deer hunter.

bvaughnfamily October 10, 2020

Thank you AudiLee and Starfisher – for your view, kind comments and welcome :) I understand about the vegetarian thing – I did that in my teens, and my youngest daughter tried that for a couple of years. I get it.

But I am a true carnivore – I like to eat deer. And goat. And turkey. And chicken. And beef. That’s pretty much eat. I leave the other stuff to more cultured carnivores :)

In recent years ago we had two vehicles totaled because of deer collisions, and one vehicle from a rear-end person driving collision. I wasn’t driving in any of the incidents. The deer incidents made us upgrade our auto insurance coverage.

And we also decided to try these deer whistle things. I believe they work. But depending on how you put them on they sometimes come off in a car wash. So it’s good to have extras on hand.

That’s what got me thinking about this list.

bvaughnfamily October 10, 2020

Pretty much IT not eat :)

bvaughnfamily October 10, 2020

In recent years – delete ago – boy, it sure would be nice to edit – I need to proofread better before hitting enter … sorry about that.

bvaughnfamily November 01, 2020

I had to add more deer whistles to this list … that’s a good thing :)

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