Hand Picked List: Let's Dance...

Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 02/11/20

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User comments on Let's Dance...

AudiLee February 11, 2020

Hi :) I’ve had 2 songs running like a broken record in my brain last few days… David Bowie “Let’s Dance” & Steve Miller Band “Dance Dance Dance”. I hoped that maybe if I made this HPL they would turn off.. let’s see :D

Lost_Treasures February 11, 2020

Audi, The only way U can turn off those 2 broken recordings – Is 4 U to do this dance -
But make sure U dont break the Record_Player in your brain -
Thanks for showing my Mexican_Hat_Dance_Doll -

AudiLee February 11, 2020

LOL Good luck with that, Lost :D I can’t dance on 2 feet let alone my head and hands!! :D

VintageVarietyShop February 11, 2020

Lots of variety in this cute and fun list!

Starfisher February 12, 2020

Great idea for an HPL. I used to love to dance, not much now, but I enjoy watching. Thank you for having me along! I’m dancing in my mind along with you!

Robin1 February 12, 2020

Some nice picks in this list, so thanks for including one of mine!

quadrina February 12, 2020

Great Bowie song and a great list Audi. Thanks so much for including my dancers in it. ….. from quadrina. :)

AudiLee February 12, 2020

Hi Vintage, Starry Jan, Robin and quadrina :) I love all of your items and am very happy to include them! My pleasure :)

Bootsies February 14, 2020

How super precious a theme and choices, Audi! Thank you so much for letting us be part of the fun!

NeillsDeals February 14, 2020

Oh, yes, let’s do dance! Great idea and wonderful items you have chosen, Audi! Thank you so very much for letting us come to the Ball, too!

Bootsies_Home_Garden February 14, 2020

Precious HPL, Audi!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to everyone, too!

AudiLee February 14, 2020

Hi Bootsies and Neills :) Thanks! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both as well <3 I love your items and always enjoy browsing your booths :) You’re always fun inclusions so yes.. let’s Dance ;)

MamasStuff February 17, 2020

Good luck turning off the music in your head! I love the idea for this refreshing HPL. Thanks for selecting my note cards :)

AudiLee February 17, 2020

Hi Mama :D It takes awhile sometimes LOL! Thank you and they seemed quite perfect for this list :)

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