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Bonanza helps sell better. Amplenote helps think better.
The perfect combo

Bonanza was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. If there's one thing we have learned in competing against much bigger companies, it is that spending every minute wisely counts. But we had a problem: with hundreds of possible tasks we could work on, how can we detect the ripest few opportunities to act on?

Enter Amplenote:

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This is the tool we've built to tackle our biggest everyday challenge:

What to focus on next?

Task score

How does Amplenote compare to other popular note taking apps?

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Prioritize to-dos with task scoring
Schedule tasks and sync calendars
Capture thoughts in daily notes
Link and preview other notes
Add footnotes for extra details
Password-protect sensitive notes
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“I tried Bear, Notion, Obsidian, Nimbus, Craft. Amplenote was better, more intuitive and easier to use than all of these, hands down”
- Luc Masalar
“It is hands down the best app I have ever tried and it has helped so much in my daily life while I was using it."
- Damien Oliver
“Feels like a tool that works *with* me rather than trying to force my workflow into a feature set”
- Stuart

Our secret weapon is the Idea Execution Funnel:

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It starts with our mobile app, where you can capture an idea in less than five seconds. From there, you organize ideas, marking those that are Important/Urgent, due at a particular time, or quick to get done.

Then Amplenote works it magic through its proprietary Task Score, as described by productivity expert Shu Omi (25,000 Youtube subscribers):

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“Amplenote is the best note-taking app I've found for transforming ideas into actions... No other note-taking app does to-do lists so well.”
Do you need an edge as you compete against bigger companies?
Are you a manager or director who wants to ensure you follow through on hundreds of obligations?
Maybe you're one of those people so packed with creative energythat your to-do list grows faster than it shrinks?

If you like Bonanza, we think you'll love Amplenote. It's an operating system to help busy people make the most of their life. Try it today free -- no credit card required.

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