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I was charged for a free trial membership
I Got charged $25.00 for membership when it was supposed to be a free trial. I would like this money back, this seems like false advertisement.

asked about 2 months ago

2 answers
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Is there a way to contact bonanza for help resolving a problem with a seller who is scamming me
I tried to call 206 588 5849 and it goes to a recorded message in Spanish language. I am totally frustrated and ripped off.

asked 2 months ago

4 answers
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Fradulent seller
On 4/25 I purchased a computer processor here on bonanza. The pictures clearly showed the retail packaging and the description made no mention that it was an OEM item. The ad also clearly stated it was shipping from Falls Church VA, US An...

asked 3 months ago

1 answers
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123 one ?
best world's

asked 4 months ago

5 answers
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Customer return?
I can use some advice from fellow vendors here. We got an order for a necklace and shipped it to the buyer. It was fairly inexpensive and in perfect condition. There were several very clear and close photographs in the listing and a very detail...

asked 4 months ago

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