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My digital downloads section items are invisible - can you see them?
I've asked Support about this and they say 'nah, we can see them fine' I can see them when signed into bonanza - but could you do me a favour? Sign out, then try follow this link, and tell me what you see. If the answer is no visible listings, any...

asked 27 days ago

3 answers
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Robotic responses to enquiries?
Why does Bonanza send robotic email responses to my enquiries for parts I did not receive and pass the onus on the sellers?

asked 2 months ago

2 answers
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How to get sold when i am new seller. please help me !!
It seems that buyers often find sellers who have already sold a lot. For new sellers like me it is difficult to sell the first product. And I don't know how to get there yet. Please help me. Thanks very much!!

asked 3 months ago

3 answers
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Incomplete items
i have a lot of items incomplete, i set the quantity 1 but later the items are incomplete again, i dont know where is the problem :(

asked 4 months ago

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