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3 answers
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Does bonanza still remind sellers to leave feedback?
I make it a point to purchase from Bonanza sellers whenever possible and always make sure to leave feedback. However, I find it rather frustrating that there are sellers that will not leave feedback for the buyer. We all know how important feedbac...

asked 11 days ago

5 answers
0 votes
Having trouble selling items
Hello, I have yet to sell anything on this platform. In all honesty I'm new at trying to sell stuff online. I have a number of collectables to Nintendo to Collectors plates. Any advise for a newbie?

asked 19 days ago

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1 answers
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My ebay feedback will not transfer to bonanza
Greetings fellow members. I just opened my Bonanza account, and it was trouble free with set-up,transferring my ebay listings etc. However I have tried for two days to get my ebay feedback transferred. When I transferred my listing to Bonanza I pr...

asked 22 days ago

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2 answers
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Do most people use another name to identify their site besides their own?
Also do you have to let your buyer see your whole address?

asked about 2 months ago

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1 answers
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How do i add feedback to my booth
How do I include feedback to my booth , so customers can give me feedback on their experience.? I would appreciate some simple direction please. Thanks Lauri

asked about 2 months ago

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4 answers
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Slow sales
Hi, Our sales & traffic have dropped way off. In fact, our sales are 0 in last 30 days. We primarily sell side tables and racing game stands. Here is a description of 1 of our items: Soho C-Table with USB Charging Station in Espresso. We ...

asked about 2 months ago

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2 answers
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Anyone know if there is a way to revise my response to feedback
my feedback is 4.8 out of 5. I have pretty much great customers but there is always a bad egg. When I wrote my response to the buyers negative feedback I neglected to say that I offered her a FULL REFUND if she returned the items and she didn't wa...

asked 2 months ago

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1 answers
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Does only the feedback number import from ebay, or the reviews too?
I recently imported my feedback from eBay, and the number is close enough to right (about 100 less), but I don't see any of the actual reviews attached to those numbers. Does it not import reviews, as well?

asked 5 months ago

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