Why are there product reviews for other people on my item?

It is for my 1982 Enesco Bride & Groom figurine and I realize they are all for Enesco, but 2 of 3 are negative and it looks like it is for my shop. Why have product reviews on a figurine that have nothing to do with my shop?

I have looked at other name brand items and there is nothing like this on those items.

Is there any way to stop or change this? Thank you.

asked 24 days ago

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TheVintageChateau August 24, 2019

Hi, Someone will come on soon to tell you how to remove it. There’s something that you click and it removes it. I just temporarily forgot…when I remember I will let you know, unless someone tells you first.

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I saw 2 positive reviews when I looked at the item…I believe the reviews rotate through different affiliate sites..

They can be removed with a silver membership

answered 23 days ago

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abigdogmom August 25, 2019

I really do not understand why Bonanza does things that make it easy for potential customers to buy somewhere else. That 1% may not mean much to Bonanza, but it sure means a lot to the seller that misses out on a sale.

PiccoloPattys August 25, 2019

Other marketplaces do the same thing. Not sure why they do that either.

PiccoloPattys August 25, 2019

Yes, I just saw that it had changed to 2 positive ones. Not sure why they need to have reviews that are about other items. It means nothing. Oh, and when I saw that on the Silver membership I didn’t know what they were talking about. Now I do. Thanks.


Been asking this questions for years- finally gave up on getting an answer.

answered 24 days ago


Glad to know it can be removed. I will keep looking. Thank you for your responses!

answered 23 days ago

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PiccoloPattys August 24, 2019

I just found it under Booth Setting-Booth appearance and you have to be a Silver Member to change it.

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