Why am I seeing 'use website in a screen-reader mode key site-map pages' at the top of my booth page

I do not know why ‘Use Website In a Screen-Reader Mode
Key site-map pages’ is showing at the top of my booth page. It’s not clickable and I don’t know what it means.

asked about 2 months ago

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I have the same text (probably as the most users).

Yesterday DonC204 mentioned some trouble with listing/editing.

Just a guess, if I may, maybe B. is doing some updates, adding new features, etc. – this sometimes can give some temporary glitches.

As to ‘Use Website In a Screen-Reader Mode’, maybe they try to make B. ready for screen reader usage (very important in case of vision impairment or blindness)?
And by mistake this inactive text has been left visible until it will be turned into an active link?

‘Key site-map pages’ – many web sites have a page that provides links to different sections of the site – it’s an easier way to see, how the site is organized and what it contains. It’s quite helpful, when the site is big and navigation bars structure complicated.

answered about 2 months ago


DonC204 November 29, 2020

I had it too. It is gone now. I cleared my cache, restarted my computer and it was still there yesterday. Whole website was acting funny, but it seems to be working better than ever now~

abigdogmom December 01, 2020

O.K. The ‘Use Website’ text that was showing at the top of my page has disappeared for now.

I have the same problem for the second time.My booth is under review and one article is marked with red dot.I understand review for the first time, but now second time i really piss off

answered about 2 months ago

That message is still there (as of 12/1/2020 @ 1:00 AM).

I use a Macintosh operating system and while it appears on my Safari browser pages, it does NOT appear when I use Mozilla FireFox as my browser. Using the full-site Bonanza page on my iPhone, the message does NOT appear.

So, without testing Windows operating systems, I can only infer that it is a Safari browser issue.

answered about 2 months ago

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