What is brainstorm bonanza? & how do i become a part of it?? anyone know?

Has anyone heard of brainstorm Bonanza? What exactly is it? How do I become a part of it? Any details or suggestions will help. Thank you for your time. M.

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abigdogmom June 20, 2019

I have never heard of it, so I googled it and find nothing that has anything to do with the Bonanza selling platform.

ccmom June 22, 2019

nothing to do with bonanza selling platform

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https: //openspacecouncil .org/brainstormingbonanza/
This is what we’re calling a “Virtual Brainstorming Bonanza”
October 21, 2015
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It’s time to start planning the 2016 Open Space Conference believe it or not. And your big ideas and thoughtful input are needed.
In 2015 we made a big change by moving the conference from the Presidio to the Craneway in Richmond. We’re going to hold it there again in 2016, and this year we’re going to change up the format of the agenda. You – the collective ‘you’ – have told us that you want more time in conversation than passively listening, and we will make that change. To be successful we need to hear from our community (that’s you!).

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See KAFarm's booth

Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

https://notepad.software/ https://vidmate.onl/download/ https://filezilla.software/

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