Turbo traffic won't let me turn off my free items, why not?

I Found My Solution, Read On in Case You Have Same Problem As In:
So I paid for a Turbo Traffic Pack, and I found where to go in order to Turn OFF some of my Free or FREEBIES items, then suddenly I could no longer turn those off…I tried 2 ways, one from checking the RIGHT side and then do so in bulk, but that didn’t work, and also by trying to click on off from the right side of each FREE item, but that didn’t work either. It told me to come back later…I waited about 3 hours, and again, it would not work for me. I do NOT want any of my FREE items to be included in my Turbo Traffic, but I guess as long as it’s glitched, I lose out. I get this message when I go to ‘’Turn Off’’ We’re sorry, but there was an error toggling your item’s status. Please wait a moment and try again. But No matter how little or long I wait, I cannot ‘’Turn Off’’ Turbo for a Specific Listing.
Can anyone help?

asked about 1 month ago

3 Answers

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You can direct your TurboTraffic spend toward individual items using a toggle to turn TurboTraffic on or off at the item level. Simply choose which items you’d like to receive maximum exposure and blast them with TurboTraffic. Or, toggle all of your items “on” and share the TurboTraffic love boothwide. You can manage your TurboTraffic listings via your TurboTraffic page, which you can also find in the Advertising tab of your Seller Dashboard menu. Here is a link from our Help pages, “Turbo Traffic on Bonanza” https://www.bonanza.com/site_help/booths_setup/turbo_bid

answered about 1 month ago


Do not know if this will work, and may have already done this, but

batch edit
Search Optimize
and Enable Suppress Google Shopping submission

answered about 1 month ago

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See ccmom's booth


divinefabricsnmore September 15, 2019

Thank You for your effort/response. . .been there did that, but double checked it was done…I need to eliminate some items in my booth to NOT be under TurboTraffic, there’s a specific place to do that, but it won’t let me check the items ’’off’’ of Turbo, so they remain ’’on’’…again, thanks!

ccmom September 15, 2019

I know…it lists all your items with a green on/off button…


I am so Grateful that I am rather a Go-Getter when it comes to trying to figure something thoroughly out or through…I scoured the page where my Turbo Pack can be ‘’manipulated/edited’’ by me. . .and WahhhLahhh…I solved my own problem! What I did was scroll to where it state ’’Manage Your Turbo Listings" and I clicked on the Drop Down Menu Called “Add a filter” ~ I added pricing (from $0.01 to $100.00) as my filter, and tahdah ALL my Free things are no longer included in my Turbo Traffic Pack!!! Chickaboom, Chickaboom boom boom!!! LOL!

answered about 1 month ago


abigdogmom September 15, 2019

Yeah! Being a go-getter pays off.

ccmom September 16, 2019

I spend a lot of time digging around…to get answers…rarely do I post a problem

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