Soo.. , i had my settings set to only sell to people in my area code? i've had over 100+ views, one sale

Is there anywhere I can find a list of everyone who has viewed my booth? I accidentally had my settings wrong & would like to explain to them why they could not purchase anything.

asked about 1 month ago


EmpressDepot June 16, 2019

No. There is no way to find a list of everyone who has viewed your booth. But at least you’ve got it figured out now.

Atomicdiner June 17, 2019

Area Code? You can do that?

GracefulVintageNow June 17, 2019

Oh my. Where is that setting? Sure do not want to do that.

ccmom June 17, 2019

viewers come from ad clicks or google shopping….and are essentially unknown…unless some big company is tracking them…

2 Answers

Now that you have your settings correct, go out and post some of your items on social media!

answered about 1 month ago

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Marycliver2468 June 19, 2019

Under Booth Settings, under shipping policies, u can click to sell to only people in your county, excuse me not area code. Good to know now , but. Still made one sell!!!


They don’t want to be contacted & the odds of any of them actually being in the same area code as you are slim to none. So are the odds of you getting any sales if you’re limiting yourself that much. You should be listing on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace

answered about 1 month ago

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KarensCollections June 17, 2019

I think they explained that they had it set up incorrectly.

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