I listed a container of bbs for a kids bb gun. i got a pull on this and on a pair of oakley sunglasses. i removed those items and everything else was on green lights. i haven't had any views since this came up. do i get penalized for a certain length of

It took a long time to figure what was wrong. I removed both items. Updated my booth. Whenever I go back to check in, they are listed again but are removed. Why is this so confusing? I guess I can understand Babe, have no idea on sunglasses. Had so much to read and set up, I’m tired of reading and alot of it is SO confusing! Anybody else been thru this?


Atomicdiner February 19, 2019

Actually sometimes I feel the same way for listing a collectable keychain that had a VERY small pocket knife on it. A regular WMD. Yet knives are all over this site if you do a search.

ccmom February 19, 2019

you do not get penalized and usually a message to support gets most items back online, depending on what it is….I tweeted a few items of yours…to help with views. You do need to use social media as much as possible to boost your views and make sure you are signed up for Google shopping

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