I cannot add new items..it says they are under review for 72 hours..why?

The items have a yellow dot under them..and there is no option to “update your booth” like when you add a new item and it says in the box “Just Letting Your Know..Your booth is awaiting review by our team, it should be activated within the next 72 hours”

What is going on? Does anyone know? I have had my booths for many years..

asked about 1 month ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt April 10, 2021

Team Bonz wants to look at your booth. For some reason, they disable it for up to 72 hours to perform this task.

ccmom April 11, 2021

something you added triggered a bot and will have to be looked at by a human…happens with new listings sometimes…

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Ok..I kinda figured that..thank you! I listed new jewelry..some of it is real diamonds..so maybe that was it..I will just wait it out!

answered about 1 month ago

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ccmom April 12, 2021

Real diamonds will do it….by the way…some really beautiful items…

If you are a new vendor this happens to everyone. You might want to update your selling details to include a bank acct/etc.. I did and they opened my booth in 48 hours.

answered 30 days ago

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