Can someone that offered me help before check some of my updated images?

I am very grateful to the few who helped me. I am not able to locate some card so its a slow road to editing. I am also struggling with the name of flowers. I am doing the best I can to follow your advice. I am not using a good camera so this is the best I have. I wish I could find the post to add your names.

I am hoping when I get better I can be in a place to help others as you have helped me. Thanks very much. I also can’t find where I need to remove the marketplace.

asked 29 days ago


EmpressDepot March 22, 2019

Hi Shay. About photos. C if u can find a window with natural light coming thru and take the picture without your flash on. Also u can use a big piece of white poster board as your background. It costs around 60 cents in the school supply department at Walmart, Dollar general, etc. U may have to play

EmpressDepot March 22, 2019

U may have to play around with the best time of day to take your pictures using natural light.

EmpressDepot March 22, 2019

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Shays_creations, there is not an option to write on your images on this site, but here is a link to a free photo editor I use and you can write on your images with this program then when done just save them to your computer.

answered 28 days ago

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See misskeech's booth

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Shays_creations March 23, 2019

Thank you for the link. I am overwhelmed tonight. Thank you again.


here is the original thread

whenever you want to search posts

at the top of the page it says:

Community » Community Help » Ask a question

Click on the Community Help link and it will take you to all the posts and you can either search or scroll through them…

You are making progress, the pictures are looking clearer…

try just a plain white background…that also helps

Titles are more descriptive which helps…but don’t get too wordy..

Yellow Happy Mother’s day greeting card with tulips, Handmade greeting card

don’t repeat greeting card

Yellow Happy Mother’s day blank greeting card with tulips Handmade

answered 29 days ago

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Shays_creations March 22, 2019

Oh, thank you I will get more editing done. You are a great help.


Yes, they are much better now.

OP: “I am not using a good camera so this is the best I have.”

If You like the below examples, You can try to change a little bit the existing photos dimensions, to have more visible items on Your thumbnails.

On the left – there are 2 of Your current photos and on the right – I’ve added more narrowed pictures, I’ve cut them in a simple Microsoft “Paint” photo editor (it’s a free program, if You use Windows):

Or You can cut both of them even more, e.g.:

You can copy the below photos, to see the change from Your original width and height:

One more thing, if I may, could You take again Your photo of the white rabbit on a different background, maybe the one You have on the picture with a card, as it’s smoother.

Also, try to pay attention to the angle You take Your photos, and later keep Your item centered.

Here is a thumbnail with a current avatar and below a new example:

I couldn’t find Your avatar big picture in the listings’ cards (for original photo dimensions), so I’ve chosen a different one:×4/688072873 (I’ve removed “Mother’s Day” title and added Your booth’s name).

answered 28 days ago


Shays_creations March 22, 2019

is there an option to write on the image right here on this site? I like that one very much. I am a little confused still. I do know I will center the images. Thank you I will read it a few more time.

ArtistsUnion March 22, 2019

OP:“is there an option to write on the image right here on this site?” I don’t think so. The last photo (avatar/logo) I’ve made using Microsoft Paint free application.

misskeech March 22, 2019

Bonanza has an editing program also, they had a better one before, but this new one they have will crop a photo. Good luck to you

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