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Booth overview

After realizing that cow’s milk was creating health issues for me, yet I was able to tolerate goat’s milk, we went on a search to find a milk goat.

We found some kind people close by who were providing a home for a few goats who had apparently come from an unhappy environment. They really didn’t want the goats themselves. It so happened that when we had bought our new homestead there were a couple old automobile parts left in an out building. We had no use for them but the owner of the goats was delighted to trade one of his goats for the automobile parts. So we did a happy trade and I ended up with a WILD little goat who did not like people and would bound to the other end of the pasture if a man appeared. My friends who also had goats said, “Are you sure she isn’t part deer?”

My mother named my little goat “Jewel” because I was anxiously waiting for my own goat milk which she said would be a jewel for me. I tried to win Jewel’s confidence. In due time she presented me with two tiny little kids and soon I was ready to start milking. But my Jewel did not want to be milked and I wondered if she was a rebel instead! Eventually she consented to the idea and learned that I was her friend. I was happy to find indeed I did have a Jewel after all. She knew if another goat was tormenting her, she could run to me for safety but unfortunately she never got over her fear of strangers and would not trust me for her safety when strangers appeared. My friends and customers wanted to see my little Jewel goat, but she would dash off and snort!

After awhile I had extra goat milk to deal with. A friend suggested making goat milk soap. That was a new idea for me. I wasn’t sure I was impressed. But after considering the idea a while I thought I’d give it a try. A kind lady helped me understand the science of soap making and I proceeded to formulate my own recipes. I was set on making the best soap and since my skin was very dry and we were living in dry Utah at the time, MOISTURIZING was a large focus as I began my soap making. And because of my sensitivities to anything other than natural, ALL NATURAL was also a big focus.

My little Jewel goat got the honor of having the business named after her, Jewel Soap. And although she hated having her photo taken, it’s her portrait that graces many of the products. Most of the bar soaps are wrapped in a piece of fabric, tied shut with some sort of string or ribbon and have a homemade label attached, which was recycled from old cards or some other paper source.

Snipping, whether it be paper or fabric is another of my favorite pastimes! Snipping paper quite often results in HANDMADE CARDS. Stamping, embossing and all those “modern” ways of creating handmade cards does not appeal to me. It’s the little pictures and snippets that ordinarily go in the trash that inspire me to be creative.

THE QUILTS are all homemade and hand quilted. Much like my cards so are my quilts- very original-for some reason I don’t follow the pattern but always have to change the pattern to fit my own ideas.
I have enjoyed collecting tiny pieces of pretty fabrics ever since I was a little girl. These are some of the inspirations that grew out of “my scrap bag”.
Quilts may be machine washed on gentle cycle, with cool water. or 574-642-0550

Shipping policy

I usually check my e-mails 2X a day, Monday through Saturday. But if you are in a big hurry to get your order processed give me a call at 574-642-0550.
I try to keep the shipping cost down for you.
Usually I ship small orders First Class and larger orders Regional or Flat Rate Priority, whichever seems the better option.
Since I try to give you a good deal on postage you will need to “submit your order for approval” and I WILL NEED YOUR ZIP CODE. After I have “approved” it, (added the shipping) you will be notified and can then proceed to pay and it will shortly be sent your way. Sorry about the delay it causes. If you all prefer to pay high shipping and skip the approval step we could take that route in the future…

Return policy

Please no returns on Jewel Soap products.
Quilts may be returned within 5 days of delivery, ONLY if not as described. They must be returned in their original condition and in the original packaging. A restocking fee will apply.
Handmade cards may be replaced if original card is returned within 5 days of delivery, if card is not as described. They must be returned in their original condition and in the original packaging. You will be responsible for postage.

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